Wizards vs Bulls: Odds and predictions


When it comes to basketball, the NBA is still the spiritual home of the sport. The current 2021/22 season has showcased why this is true and why so many people love to follow it. Two of the most popular teams in the league are the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls, who play in the Eastern Conference.

Their next match-up is scheduled for 30th March 2022 and should be a great game to watch. But what are the most current odds and predictions to know about in advance for this game?

What do online sportsbooks think will happen?

When it comes to working out the current odds for the upcoming Washington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls game, a good tip is looking at what a variety of sportsbooks think. Choosing to compare betting odds at sportsbooks in this way will enable you to see what odds different books give for each side to win. You will get a good overview of who is expected to come out on top. Comparing odds in this way also means you can take advantage of which sportsbook offers the best value when betting.

But what odds are online sportsbooks offering at present? As the game is not taking place until the end of March, it is a little early for sportsbooks to be offering up specific odds. Many will surely have it as tight match up, withthe Bulls as slight favorites to win.

But why might this be?

Bulls set for regular season series sweep – plus Wizard’s poor at home

Predictions in sports are always tough to nail but there are key pieces of data which could signal a Bulls win. To begin with, they have won against the Wizards in each regular season game so far this season and seem to have the edge on the side from Washington. In addition, the Bulls will surely be eager to clinch a series sweep and should be extra motivated to claim victory.

You also must look at the patchy form the Wizards have shown at home in the current season to date. Their record at the Capital Arena is not good and seems to suggest they are struggling this year in front of their own fans. While the Bulls away record is no great shakes, they could have enough in their locker room to spring an away win in Washington.

Who will be the key players for each side?

Of course, the outcome of this match depends on the players who appear on court and how they perform. With Kevin Durant’s comments about NBA talent levels recently pinpointing how awesome they are, both sides have some great athletes to call on. But who will be the most important?

For the Bulls, shooting guard DeMar DeRozan is the main man. He has been a real standout performer all year and a major reason for their decent showing overall. His accurate shooting will be crucial in this game, as his current 27.9 points per game average shows. Add in the number of assists he has to his name this year and his presence is even more key to Chicago.

For the Wizards, small forward Kyle Kuzma is the person who is most important. He has shown that he has the talent to be a top-level NBA player in 2021/22 and has been a bright spot for the Wizards in an inconsistent season. With 17.1 points per game and 8.6 rebounds per game to date, he is the player that the Bulls will need to keep a close eye on.

What do head to heads tell us?

When making predictions about any game, head-to-head stats are always worth noting. As we have already mentioned, in the current season the Bulls have the definite edge over the Wizards so far. But what about looking back on a broader scale?

Overall, it would seem the Bulls have the advantage here also. Last season for example they won 2 out of 3 games, while in 2019/20 they won 3 out of 4.

Washington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls – odds and predictions

With the 2021/22 NBA regular season coming to its climax, the game between the Wizards and Bulls on 30th March should be a real cracker. As the above shows, it should be a tight affair but one which the team from Chicago could well claim victory in. If both DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Kuzma avoid injuries and are fit to play in this match, it should certainly be interesting.

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