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**Last updated: Monday 7 March**

We’ve had plenty of ‘blanks’ in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) so far this season and now we’re on a run of Double Gameweeks as we attempt to catch up.

We’ve already seen ‘doubles’ in Gameweeks 21-23, while Double Gameweek 25 had an extra fixture for both Manchester United and Brighton.

Double Gameweek 26 featured eight teams playing twice but only Burnley had a Double Gameweek 27

Eight sides will have a Double Gameweek 28 and a half-dozen will have a Double Gameweek 29; Newcastle United are the only side with back-to-back doubles across those two Gameweeks.

There were cup-related blanks in Gameweeks 24, 25 and 27, meanwhile, with more to follow in Gameweeks 30 and 33.

A total of 13 outstanding matches are still to be rearranged.

The good news is that, while more Covid-related postponements can’t be completely ruled out, falling positive cases and the Premier League’s tightening of rules for match cancellations should mean this is much less of a danger than before.

With the situation constantly evolving, our Blank and Double Gameweek guide rounds up what we know at present.



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Burnley v Watford postponed as Covid outbreak hits Hornets
  • Aston Villa v Burnley (Dec 18 – Covid)
  • Everton v Leicester City (Dec 19 + Jan 11 – Covid)
  • Burnley v Everton (Dec 26 – Covid)
  • Leicester City v Norwich (Jan 1 – Covid)
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal (Jan 16 – Covid)
  • Chelsea v Arsenal (Feb 12 – clash with the Club World Cup)
  • Chelsea v Leicester City (Feb 25 – clash with the EFL Cup final)
  • Manchester City v Brighton (Mar 19 – clash with the FA Cup quarter-finals)
  • Burnley v Southampton (Mar 19 – clash with the FA Cup quarter-finals)
  • Newcastle v Crystal Palace (Mar 20 – clash with the FA Cup quarter-finals)
  • Liverpool v Man Utd (Mar 20 – clash with the FA Cup quarter-finals)
  • Watford v Everton (Mar 20 – clash with the FA Cup quarter-finals)
  • Everton v Crystal Palace (Apr 16 – clash with the FA Cup semi-finals)


Fantasy community eyes Burnley clean sheet in first Double Gameweek match
  • Everton (4)
  • Burnley, Leicester (3)
  • Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace (2)
  • Aston Villa, Brighton, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Norwich, Southampton, Spurs, Watford (1)
  • Brentford, Leeds, West Ham, Wolves (0)

The above outstanding matches will have to be fulfilled from Gameweek 31 onwards.


Gameweek 30 Match Current status
Wolves v Leeds Guaranteed to go ahead in Gameweek 30*
Arsenal v Aston Villa Guaranteed to go ahead in Gameweek 30*
Leicester v Brentford Guaranteed to go ahead in Gameweek 30*
Spurs v West Ham Guaranteed to go ahead in Gameweek 30*
Man City v Brighton Blank
Newcastle v C Palace Blank
Norwich v Chelsea Blank
Burnley v Southampton Blank
Liverpool v Man Utd Blank
Watford v Everton Blank

*Barring any weather/Covid-related postponements


Week beginning… Weekend Midweek
Sat 5 Mar Double Gameweek 28
Champions League/Europa League/Conference League
Sat 12 Mar Double Gameweek 29
Champions League/Europa League/Conference League
Sat 19 Mar Blank Gameweek 30 + FA Cup quarter-finals
International break
Sat 26 Mar International break
International break
Sat 2 Apr Gameweek 31
Champions League/Europa League/Conference League
Sat 9 Apr Gameweek 32
Champions League/Europa League/Conference League
Sat 16 Apr Gameweek 33 + FA Cup semi-finals
Sat 23 Apr Gameweek 34
Champions League/Europa League/Conference League
Sat 30 Apr Gameweek 35
Champions League/Europa League/Conference League
Sat 7 May Gameweek 36
Sat 14 May Gameweek 37 + FA Cup final
Europa League final
Sat 21 May Gameweek 38

  • Gameweek 28: A Double Gameweek for Aston Villa, Chelsea, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Southampton, Watford and Wolverhampton Wanderers.
  • Gameweek 29: A Double Gameweek for Arsenal, Brighton and Hove Albion, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Gameweek 30: A Blank Gameweek with no chance of a Double Gameweek. Aston Villa v Arsenal, Wolves v Leeds, Leicester v Brentford and Spurs v West Ham are the only fixtures that will go ahead.
  • Gameweek 33: A free midweek does allow for a Double Gameweek, although the weekend games do clash with the FA Cup semi-finals, too.
  • Gameweek 36: A free midweek allows for a Double Gameweek. This is likely to be the biggest Double Gameweek of the season.

There is also a chance of there being other small Double Gameweeks in Gameweeks 31, 32, 34, 35 and 37, with the results of cup competitions home and likely to dictate that abroad.

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