UAE’s newly elected ruler sees Iran, Islamists as threat to Gulf safe haven

DUBAI, UAE – United Arab Emirates strongman Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, who was formally elected president on Saturday, May 14, led a realignment of the Middle East that created a new anti-Iran axis with Israel and fought a rising tide of political Islam in the region. Working behind the scenes for years as de … Read more

Your #SecretNudes are safe with artist Christa Vega

MANILA, Philippines – Christa Vega’s Instagram feed is made up of brightly-colored boxes framing bodies in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of undress. Some bodies are in bikinis or lingerie, some are completely bare. Some pictures are more modest – a gaze from behind, or parts gently covered. Others are more explicit, in-your-face, front-and-center. This … Read more

No lead is safe for Tom Thibodeau’s reeling Knicks

You would like to think, if you are a Knicks fan, that there might be an option to laugh to keep from crying. Seriously: Was there one Knicks fan around 8:40 Wednesday night who wasn’t involved in a text thread in which someone surmised, “This is going to be a disspiriting loss”? That was around … Read more