Evan Fournier wants to run it back with same Knicks roster

Evan Fournier will play important basketball games this summer following this 2021-22 Knicks disaster when he competes for Team France in EuroBasket 2022, a FIBA ​​European championship event. Knicks fans had hoped Fournier would be the missing piece elevating them to important games this spring and a better showing than last season’s 4-1 first-round ouster. … Read more

Nets landing in play-in could risk consequences for Nash, roster

CHARLOTTE, NC — An iconic New York champion once said you are what your record says you are. Right now, the Nets’ record is decrying them as a losing bunch. Their place in the standings is labeling them a play-in team. Many NBA fans are mocking them as one of the league’s biggest disappointments. They … Read more