Vince Tañada’s ‘Bangkay’ review: Dead on arrival

Vince Tañada’s Palanca award-winning play fails to translate onscreen, turning the hypnotic unraveling of a family through grief and sexual violence into an unwatchable exercise in wastefulness The first thing they will tell you about Bangkay is that it won a Palanca Award. Who can blame them? Never mind that the credibility of the award … Read more

Review K to 12 curriculum, open the schools

ConclusionPart 1 : History in crisis: Easier for students to fall for disinformation in distance learning setup MANILA, Philippines – Before the pandemic began in March 2020, social studies teacher Jamaico Ignacio said he had an encounter with a student, who enthusiastically approached him after class to show a material sourced from the internet. Tuwang-tuwa … Read more

Rotation carnage, Norwich down, Weghorst on pens? Saturday’s FPL review

We round up the key Fantasy Premier League (FPL) talking points from Saturday’s six Gameweek 35 fixtures in our Scout Notes summary. The graphics below are taken from LiveFPLRagabolly’s excellent and ever-improving website, and our own Premium Members Area. GOALS, ASSISTS AND BONUS INJURIES AND BANS There were a number of injuries to report from … Read more

‘The Northman’ review: Refined for high-budget standards

‘The Northman is like an indie artist finally getting recognized for their overlooked music and signing with a rich record label’ This is a spoiler-free review. How does one make a high-budget arthouse flick? It’s the question that Robert Eggers’ The Northman contends with right from the start of his $90-million historical epic. Few directors … Read more

‘The Lost City’ review: A middling meta romance

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum get blindsided by a wonky and aimless script better suited for the balls-to-the-wall performances of its side characters This is a spoiler-free review. Romantic schlock, no matter how cliched or trope-infested, is delightful. No other genre has the capacity to elicit swooning and feminine escapism quite like it. The masculine … Read more

‘Morbius’ review: This bloodsucker needs a transfusion

Morbius is the latest addition to Sony’s Spider-Man-adjacent universe, with Jared Leto playing the titular character. There’s some reason to be happy here in that we are delving deeper into Spidey’s network. At the same time, the film and its approach feel a little late to the game. As I watched this, I kept thinking, … Read more

‘Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy’ review: The perfect anti-soap opera

Director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s underrated 2021 sibling to ‘Drive My Car’ should be the perfect antidote for those who are sick of excessive melodramas I grew up with over-the-top Filipino soap operas. I know all too well how dramatic episodes play out. Is someone revealed to be cheating? Get ready for a verbose shouting match in … Read more

Tuesday review and Wednesday preview

UEFA Champions League (UCL) Fantasy continues this evening, which means a chance for managers to make further changes to their teams. Here, our European football writer FFFrog looks back on last night’s matches and previews Wednesday’s action. MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FANTASY TEAM HERE What we learned last night Robert Lewandowski is … Read more