Pakistan parliament elects Sharif PM as Khan MPs quit en masse

Shehbaz Sharif’s election brings to a close a weeklong constitutional confrontation that reached its climax on Sunday when Imran Khan lost a no-confidence vote ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan’s parliament chose a more Western-friendly politician, Shehbaz Sharif, as prime minister- on Monday, April 11, the ousting of Imran Khan in a crisis that has sparked street … Read more

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan ousted in no-confidence vote in parliament

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted on Sunday, April 10, when he lost a vote of confidence in parliament partners, after being deserted by coalition who blames him for a crumbling economy and failure to deliver on his campaign promises. The result of the vote, which was the culmination of a … Read more

Iraq parliament fails to elect new state president over lack of quorum

Only 202 members of parliament out of 329 are present, which is less than the necessary two-thirds quorum needed to choose a new president BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq’s failed again on Saturday, March 26, to vote for a president after Iran-backed groups boycotted the session, in a setback to an alliance led by cleric Moqtada … Read more