When parents turn children into weapons, everybody loses

‘Many adults who were alienated from a parent as a child report feeling helpless and disconnected from their emotions and having problems trusting other people’ Domestic abuse can involve one parent using a child as a weapon against the other parent, which harms the child in immense ways. My research has identified how these dynamics … Read more

For this unique pandemic batch of lawyers, the honor is to the parents

MANILA, Philippines – This is a unique batch of new lawyers, Supreme Court Justice Marvic Leonen made that very clear, saying at the outset that the record-high 72.28% should not be seen as if they this batch an easy time, having undergone lockdown and distressing postponements. “Do not be concerned about those who say that … Read more

Shanghai separates COVID-positive children from parents in virus fight

Over 20 children from a Shanghai kindergarten aged 5 to 6 have been sent to a quarantine center without their parents, a source familiar with the situation says SHANGHAI, China – Esther Zhao thought she was doing the right thing when she brought her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter to a Shanghai hospital with a fever on March … Read more