[The Slingshot] International observers speak cynically of our elections

‘The results of the election are a worst-case scenario for the Filipino people and for the international community,’ writes one observer What right have they to interfere with our elections? Why insult me? – I could almost hear Rodrigo Duterte cuss with usual narcissistic disdain on international opinion about the 2022 elections. We are not … Read more

Ex-poll officials, election observers question Comelec-Rappler deal suspension

MANILA, Philippines – Advocates for clean elections sounded the alarm on Wednesday, March 9, after the Commission on Elections (Comelec) unilaterally suspended its fact-checking agreement with news website Rappler. The hold order signed on Tuesday, March 8, by then-acting chairperson Socorro Inting was in response to the Office of the Solicitor General’s pleading to the … Read more