Putin says Russia will respond if NATO bolsters Sweden, Finland militarily

Russia has given few specific clues about what it will do in response to the Nordic enlargement of NATO, the biggest strategic consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to date LONDON, UK – President Vladimir warned the West on Monday, Putin, May 16, that Russia would respond if NATO began to bolster the military infrastructure … Read more

Finland must apply for NATO membership ‘without delay,’ Finnish leaders say

NATO allies expect Finland and Sweden to apply to join the alliance in the coming days and will grant membership quickly, according to diplomats and officials HELSINKI, Finland – Finland must apply to join the NATO military alliance “without delay,” Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Thursday, May 12, a … Read more

NATO to welcome Nordic members as Ukraine pushes back Russian forces

On the frontlines, Ukraine says it pushed back Russian forces in the east and shut gas flows on a route through Russian-held territory, raising the specter of an energy crisis in Europe Finland is expected to announce on Thursday, May 12, its intention to join NATO with Sweden likely to follow soon after, diplomats and … Read more

West showcases unity against Russia as NATO adds more troops to eastern flank

NATO, which has already massively increased its presence on its eastern borders since the start of the war, agrees to set up four new combat units in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia BRUSSELS, Belgium – Western leaders showcased their unity against Russia’s war in Ukraine on Thursday, March 24, with Washington seeking more military aid … Read more

Biden’s Brussels trip to highlight new Russia sanctions, NATO posture plans

US President Joe Biden will also discuss longer-term adjustments to NATO force posture and contingencies in the case of nuclear weapons use WASHINGTON, DC, USA – US President Joe Biden and his European counterparts will announce new sanctions against Russia and new measures to tighten existing sanctions during his trip to Brussels this week, national … Read more

NATO rejects Ukraine no-fly zone, says ‘not part of this’ war

‘We have a responsibility as NATO allies to prevent this war from escalating beyond Ukraine because that would be even more dangerous, more devastating and would cause even more human suffering’ BRUSSELS, Belgium – NATO allies rejected Ukraine’s demand for no-fly zones on Friday, March 4, saying they were increasing support but that stepping in … Read more