Physical and Mental Benefits of Basketball

Aside from the obvious sporting benefits, basketball has several other benefits, including stress reduction, cardiorespiratory fitness, and enhanced hand-eye coordination. Let’s look at some of these benefits one by one. Let’s start with self-confidence. Basketball is a great stress reliever, and a reduced level of stress will help you feel more focused and have more … Read more

Post-election stress? These mental health services offer free counseling

If you need to process your offering emotions within a safe space, here are mental health orgs online sessions for free MANILA, Philippines – It’s the end of Philippine elections – which of the five stages of grief are you currently in? Whether you’re still swinging from denial to anger, or drifting between depression and … Read more

Mental, physical health keeping Ben Simmons from Nets lineup

After Nets brass reportedly met with Ben Simmons and his agent on Monday afternoon — discussing the physical and mental issues still keeping him from making his season debut — Steve Nash confirmed that it’s not just his physical health that the sidelined All-Star is dealing with. “I don’t want to overstate my understanding of … Read more

Workplaces, schools must consider mental health in new normal

This week of March 6, 2022, we’re looking at how recovery plans address the impact of the pandemic on mental health, as well as recent studies on kids’ vaccination Coronavirus infections continue to decline in the Philippines, with an average of some 1,000 cases reported each day the past week. That number is about 3% … Read more