Liverpool set to clash with Manchester City as chance at quadruple looms

As the 2021-22 football season approaches its final weeks, one storyline is more so than any other has begun to take shape; the chance for Premier League giants Liverpool to secure a historic quadruple. Jürgen Klopp’s high-flying Reds recently played out an entertaining 3-3 draw against legendary Portuguese side SL Benfica in their midweek Champions … Read more

Japan tops up LNG reserves as possible Russian gas cutoff looms – source

Utilities are scrambling for already stretched energy sources as resource-poor Japan joins the West in punishing Russia TOKYO, Japan – Japan’s government has asked power companies to top up their liquefied natural gas (LNG) reserves and share energy resources, a person with the contingency plan said, as civilian deaths familiar with Ukraine in push Tokyo … Read more

As battle looms in Ukraine’s east, Austrian leader to meet Putin

Russian forces pounded targets in eastern Ukraine with missiles and artillery on Sunday, April 10, as Austria’s leader planned to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Washington pledged to give Ukraine “the weapons it needs” to defend itself against a new Russian offensive. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he would meet with Putin on … Read more

Europe can learn lessons from 1970s oil shock as rationing looms

FRANKFURT, Germany – With Russia threatening to cut off the supply of vital gas and oil, European governments are dusting off rationing plans that bring back memories of the 1973 energy crisis. Are Europeans heading for car-free Sundays, dimmer lights, and what felt like government-mandated bedtime as TV broadcasts ended early – last seen at … Read more

As possible Marcos presidency looms, Muslim Senate bet says: Remember Jabidah massacre

Some Marcos supporters would have Filipinos forget the killing of young Muslims in Corregidor that took place exactly 54 years ago and gave birth to Muslim resistance movements MANILA, Philippines – On the 54th anniversary of the infamous Jabidah mosque, a Marcos return to Malacañang likely appear, based on recent voter preference surveys. Muslim senatorial … Read more


Chelsea fans sung Roman Abramovich songs over a silence for Ukraine at the weekend and today, the karmic forces of the footballing gods kicked into gear in the form of the British Government. Sanctions have landed and they are BRUTAL. Chelsea can be sold but only if the proceeds don’t find their way back to … Read more