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So, the club that has the player that is being accused of a terrible crime has issued an anonymized statement that the player in question will not be suspended pending charges. This is the correct decision to make in a functioning society. Let’s see where it goes. The Arsenal squad heading to America is literally … Read more

Damaged black boxes in China jet crash leave few clues into cause

‘The two recorders on the plane were severely damaged due to the impact, and the data restoration and analysis work is still in progress,’ the Civil Aviation Administration of China says China said on Wednesday, April 20, the black boxes of a Boeing 737-800 jet that crashed last month were badly damaged, leaving virtually no … Read more

Pandemic jet deals in spotlight as Airbus axes Russia delivery

The setback sheds new light on workarounds used by Airbus under prevailing accounting rules to support deliveries during the pandemic, as well as the scramble to hit targets at the close of each year, industry sources say PARIS, France – In the final hours of 2021, Airbus officially delivered two A350s to Russia’s Aeroflot, helping … Read more

China finds first black box from crashed jet, US discussing quarantine for investigators

‘An initial inspection showed that the exterior of the recorder has been severely damaged, but the storage units, while also damaged to some extent, are relatively complete,’ Civil Aviation Administration of China official Zhu Tao says WUZHOU, China – Chinese emergency workers on Wednesday, March 23, found one of two black boxes from a China … Read more

1 of 2 black boxes found from crashed China Eastern jet

The cause of the crash has yet to be determined, with aviation aircraft warning that their investigation would be very difficult because of the severe damage to the aircraft WUZHOU, China – Chinese searchers found on Wednesday, March 23, one of two black boxes from a China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed this week in … Read more

Downpour halts China’s search for jet crash victims, black boxes

WUZHOU, China – Heavy rain in southern China on Wednesday, March 23, halted the search for victims and flight information black boxes that could tell why a China Eastern Airlines passenger plane plunged into a mountainside two days earlier with 132 people on board. Rain water was filling the depression in the soft soil caused … Read more

Russia sanctions pierce luxury jet world’s ultra-private bubble

The gleaming, late-model European jet for sale was a rarity in the hot market for secondhand corporate aircraft. It was only after aviation lawyer Amanda Applegate’s client did some additional digging that they discovered the aircraft, while not registered in Russia, was in fact Russian-owned. For that buyer, it was a deal-breaker, said Applegate, a … Read more

Abramovich jet lands in Turkey after Russian oligarch seen in Israel

Istanbul is the site of the head office of AB Grup Holding, a company run by Muhsin Bayrak, who has publicly expressed interest in buying Premier League club Chelsea from Roman Abramovich A jet linked to sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich arrived in Istanbul from Israel on Monday, March 14, shortly after he was seen … Read more