Could the Depp vs. Heard case make other abuse survivors too scared to speak up?

‘The Depp Heard case is likely to reinforce the fear that women who come forward with claims of sexual and domestic abuse will encounter a system in which they are unlikely to be believed’ Johnny Depp has won his defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard for her Washington Post op-ed article published in 2018, … Read more

After ugly trial, can Johnny Depp or Amber Heard stage a second act?

The ex-couple’s legal battle comes to an end, with Depp being awarded a near-total victory LOS ANGELES, USA – Following graphic claims of abuse, recordings of vicious fights and airings of nasty text messages, will Hollywood be ready to welcome back Johnny Depp or Amber Heard? Depp, the Pirates of the Caribbean star, declared that … Read more

Johnny Depp scores near-total victory in US defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard

Depp, who argued that Heard defamed him when she called herself ‘a public figure representing domestic abuse’ in a newspaper opinion piece, says the jury ‘gave me my life back’ Actor Johnny Depp won more than $10 million in damages on Wednesday, June 1, achieving a near-total victory in a defamation suit against ex-wife Amber … Read more

Amber Heard details death threats as testimony ends in Johnny Depp defamation case

The actor’s ex-wife tells jurors that she has faced daily harassment on social media ever since accusing Depp of abuse Aquaman Actor Amber Heard delivered the final testimony in the multimillion-dollar defamation battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp on Thursday, May 26, telling jurors she has faced daily harassment and death threats since she accused the … Read more

Johnny Depp, back on stand, calls Heard abuse claims ‘cruel and false’

‘No human being is perfect… but I have never in my life committed sexual battery, physical abuse,’ says Depp Actor Johnny Depp returned to the witness stand on Wednesday, May 25, to refute ex-wife Amber Heard’s testimony in their defamation battle, saying the abuse claims she leveled against him were “unimaginably brutal, cruel and false.” … Read more

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial shows the dangers of fan culture

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp and #AmberHeardIsAPsychopath, among other hashtags, have been trending over the past several weeks It’s difficult to scroll through social media right now without seeing at least one post mentioning Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and the defamation trial that began on April 11, 2022. Depp is suing ex-wife Heard for defamation over an op-ed she … Read more

Johnny Depp’s lawyer questions Amber Heard about drugs, love notes in defamation case

The actor is suing his ex-wife for $50 million, saying she defamed him when she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse LOS ANGELES, USA – Johnny Depp’s attorney grilled the actor’s ex-wife Amber Heard on Tuesday, May 17, producing affectionate notes she wrote during their short-lived marriage to challenge her accounts of frequent … Read more

Sobbing Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of sexual assault

The actor’s ex-wife breaks down in tears on the witness stand as she recounts how Depp sexually assaulted her at home a month after their wedding Aquaman Actor Amber Heard broke down in tears on the witness stand on Thursday, May 5 as she said ex-husband Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle … Read more

Tearful Amber Heard testifies ex-husband Johnny Depp turned violent

Aquaman Actor Amber Heard choked back tears on Wednesday, May 4 as she testified that ex-husband Johnny Depp physically abused her, starting with slaps after she laughed at one of his tattoos and escalating to a “cavity search” of her body for cocaine. Heard took the witness stand for the first time in a widely … Read more

Johnny Depp calls Amber Heard accusations ‘heinous,’ says he never struck ex-wife

Actor Johnny Depp testedified on Tuesday, April 19 that he never struck his ex-wife Amber Heard and was challenging her accusations in a $50 million defamation case to correct the public’s perception and stand up for his children. Speaking softly and slowly for nearly three hours, Depp said in a Virginia courtroom that it was … Read more