Jerry West wants apology, and more for ‘Winning Time’ portrayal

Jerry West believes he has been wronged by the way he has been depicted in HBO’s “Winning Time” series about the 1980s Showtime Lakers and he wants it made right. The Hall of Famer and his legal team sent a letter to HBO and the show’s producer Adam McKay. The letter, which was obtained by … Read more

Bob Ryan, Jerry West spar over Jerry West portrayal

Legendary basketball writer Bob Ryan called out Jeff Pearlman, author of “Showtime,” a book about the 1980s Lakers, arguing the portrayal of Jerry West in the HBO series “Winning Time” inspired by the book is “reprehensible” and “borderline criminal” . As Barrett Sports Media detailed, Ryan, who began covering the Celtics in 1969 for the … Read more

HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ an entertaining look at Lakers ‘dynasty’

If the 1980s was the unquestioned decade of glamor and decadence, the Lakers of Dr. Jerry Buss and Pat Riley, of Magic and Kareem, of Jack Nicholson and Paula Abdul’s dance squad, clearly took center stage as the living embodiment of a sports world and league desperate for such an entertainment infusion. That, after all, … Read more