[OPINION] The urgency for genuine party-lists

The Philippine party-list system is a mechanism that ought to strengthen democracy and representation. In the past decades, party-lists serve to check and balance the dominant elite bloc in our legislature. However, its current state impedes genuine and legitimate party-lists from serving this critical function. In the age of democratic backsliding, we are in urgent … Read more

[Ask the Tax Whiz] Who would support genuine tax reforms if elected?

Good governance is more likely to lead to an increase in tax collections. While tax administration is crucial in improving tax collections, equally important in addressing tax evasion and smuggling is eradicating graft and corruption in government. The Philippines’ next president must have the moral ascendancy, track record of public service, and a clean tax … Read more

[OPINYON] Pag-horop-horop kan sarong genuine Ilokano manongod sa loyalismo ki Marcos

Translated by Judith Balares Salamat, PhD Comparative Literature, UP Diliman. Read the original here. “Waswasentayon a naminpinsan” (Tapuson ta na ini ngonian tolos). Saro akong GI. Sarong tunay na Ilokano – kun an gustong sabihon kaini, sarong taong namundag sa Ilokandia. Aki ako kan mga magurang na an mga magurang gikan sa parehong banwaan sa … Read more