Which league has bigger stars? ESPN First Take Debate

In the latest episode on ESPN’s First Take, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Domonique Foxworth debate on which league has bigger stars between the NBA and NFL. To kick it off, Foxworth commented: “I’m a football player. I wish football players were as big of celebrities as basketball players. They aren’t.” Then, Mad Dog asked … Read more

Stephen A. Smith escalates latest round of Kevin Durant feud

There’s a scene in “The Wire” where Detective Carver, speaking with colleagues about the War on Drugs, says that you can’t call it a war because “wars end.” Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant have reached a similar status in their years-long back-and-forth. This particular battle began when Smith, on ESPN’s “First Take” earlier this … Read more

Magic Johnson has vanished from ESPN

Earvin Johnson has lived up to his nickname of Magic this season, disappearing from ESPN’s coverage after barely appearing It appears Johnson will make a grand total of one appearance on ESPN’s top pregame show, “NBA Countdown,” this season, The Post has learned. When ESPN announced its new “NBA Countdown” crew in October, it said, … Read more

ESPN’s NBA ‘analysis’ hits a new low with Juicy J appearance

Excuse me while I slip into something a little less comfortable… For some reason — mindless pandering makes for an educated guess — the NBA and its TV partners have determined that unless you’re a big fan of rap music, the uglier and louder stuff, you can’t possibly be a basketball fan. Not that there’s … Read more

Will Knicks look to Baylor’s Jeremy Sochan?

ESPN’s college basketball guru, Seth Greenberg, doesn’t view the 2022 NBA Draft to be “a good draft” at the very top. But if the Knicks remain in the 11-12 pick range, Greenberg thinks they can get value with that selection because the June 23 draft will have depth. Lacking faith in the Knicks’ wings and … Read more

Inside ESPN’s $250 million spree that ended with Schefter, Woj

In a media world that is splintered with new challenges, ESPN still reigns in the middle of it all. While it does not go by the moniker “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” anymore, it continues to use its financial might to be at the top of the pack, be it the best games or the … Read more