NBA’s new way of promoting vulgar goons

Remember: After you “whoop that trick,” be sure to tell her you love her. But first help her back to her feet. How can any intelligent, well-comported sports fan not have reevaluated themself from skeptical to cynical? How will it be possible to return fans and customers to a place they’ve never been? Last week … Read more

ESPN’s NBA ‘analysis’ hits a new low with Juicy J appearance

Excuse me while I slip into something a little less comfortable… For some reason — mindless pandering makes for an educated guess — the NBA and its TV partners have determined that unless you’re a big fan of rap music, the uglier and louder stuff, you can’t possibly be a basketball fan. Not that there’s … Read more

NBA must end tacit approval of crude behavior ruining basketball

How does one seek asylum from an asylum? The games typically start with the house lights turned way down, searchlight beams sweeping the floor like a supermarket opening or a nighttime prison yard inspection. Next, pounding, menacing music fills the arena, like war drums, bellows fanning the flames. Then the public address voice takes over, … Read more