Ukraine’s embattled farmers running on empty as world faces food crisis

After making it through the spring planting season, sometimes with the help of bulletproof vests and helmets, Ukraine’s farmers are facing another challenge – finding enough diesel for the harvest to come. The war with Russia cut fuel supplies just as farmers stepped up work for the spring season and they have lost about 85% … Read more

Surging energy prices leave British glasshouses empty

ROYDON, United Kingdom – In a small corner of southeast England, vast glasshouses stand empty, the soaring cost of energy preventing their owner from using heat to grow cucumbers for the British market. Elsewhere in the country growers have also failed to plant peppers, aubergines, and tomatoes after a surge in natural gas prices late … Read more

Sleight of hand, empty trick

Nightmare Alley promised it was different. In the last few years, noir has, as critic Angelica Jade Bastien succinctly put, “atrophied.” With more people leaning into its cliché black-and-white aesthetics and ultraviolence, which makes noir truly great — its deep insight into politics and its capacity to reflect and challenge the dominant cultures of power … Read more