Some in Shanghai leave home for 1st time in two weeks as COVID-19 curbs ease

With a quarter of the population now in some form of lockdown, China’s leadership is concerned about the long-term economic impact of its ‘zero-COVID’ strategy, but remains reluctant to risk larger waves of infection SHANGHAI, China – Some residents of Shanghai stepped out of their homes for the first time in more than two weeks … Read more

UK’s Sunak tries to ease cost-of-living hit with tax cuts

Britons are expected to face the biggest hit to their living standards since records began in the late 1950s – even after finance minister Rishi Sunak’s measures LONDON, United Kingdom – British finance minister Rishi Sunak cut fuel duty and softened some of a looming payroll tax increase on Wednesday, March 23, as he sought … Read more

Hong Kong to ease strict COVID-19 measures from April, lifts flight ban

A ban on flights from Australia, Britain, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the United States would be lifted from April 1 HONG KONG – Hong Kong plans to relax some anti-COVID-19 measures next month, lifting a ban on flights from nine countries, reducing quarantine for arrivals from abroad, and reopening schools. The … Read more

Ease up on Russell Westbrook

Magic Johnson is calling on Laker Nation to ease up on its harsh treatment of Russell Westbrook. The Lakers legend took to Twitter on Tuesday to encourage fans to rally around Westbrook and his family, following a tweet by his wife Nina Westbrook that claimed the family had received “death wishes” from critics. Westbrook has … Read more