Big companies manage to pass on soaring costs to cash-strapped consumers

Some of Europe’s biggest companies report sales increases for the first quarter of 2022, with Nestle, Danone, and Akzo Nobel saying they were able to accomplish the gains while raising their prices ZURICH, Switzerland – Makers of chocolate bars and coffee to lawn mowers and industrial robots succeeded in passing on soaring costs to consumers, … Read more

US companies load up on costly inventories as new supply snarls loom in China

Inventory levels have gone up in recent months, but the latest COVID-19 disruptions in China are sending a new ripple through global supply chains Through most of the pandemic, Kent International couldn’t import enough Chinese-made bicycles to supply Walmart and its other big US retail customers. But in recent months, the New Jersey-based wholesaler and … Read more

European companies tool up in energy crisis

The war in Ukraine has heaped further pressure on European energy markets where supply and demand were already roiled by the ripple effects of COVID-19 Big companies aren’t waiting around for Europe to wean itself off Russian fossil fuels. With Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine deepening the region’s energy crisis, some are taking matters into their … Read more

Costs of going unvaccinated in America are mounting for workers and companies

Nearly a year after COVID-19 vaccines became freely available in the US, one-fourth of American adults remain unvaccinated, and a picture of the economic cost of vaccine hesitancy is emerging. It points to financial risk for individuals, companies, and publicly funded programs. Vaccine hesitancy likely already accounts for tens of billions of dollars in preventable … Read more

How Russia could use bankruptcy law to punish foreign companies

Creditors, including the Russian government, can force a company into involuntary bankruptcy and oust its management As foreign companies seek to exit Russia over the war in Ukraine, they face the prospect that Russian bankruptcy law could be used to seize assets and even lead to criminal penalties. Here is how that could work: How … Read more

US energy secretary urges companies to boost oil, gas output

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm acknowledges that it is hard to balance the need for more oil and gas with the importance of transitioning to renewable energy to fight global warming HOUSTON, USA – Any oil and gas company that can increase supply should do so quickly due to the growing energy crisis following Russia’s … Read more

How companies have rebuffed Russia

Here are some steps taken by multinational companies in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Corporate actions to censure Russia after its invasion of Ukraine vary widely and include some measures required by law and some voluntary, with comments ranging from harsh condemnations to more measured promises to review business in the country. Here are … Read more