Artist group DAKILA joins Rappler’s Lighthouse Communities of Action

As a community partner, DAKILA aims to broaden civic participation through the content they will be publishing on the Lighthouse platform MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, features partners who are part of the Lighthouse platform. As a Lighthouse partner, DAKILA’s Content and calls to action may be accessed by a wider audience who benefit from … Read more

Your #SecretNudes are safe with artist Christa Vega

MANILA, Philippines – Christa Vega’s Instagram feed is made up of brightly-colored boxes framing bodies in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of undress. Some bodies are in bikinis or lingerie, some are completely bare. Some pictures are more modest – a gaze from behind, or parts gently covered. Others are more explicit, in-your-face, front-and-center. This … Read more