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So WHAT do we have on the agenda today?

Mesut Ozil getting slandered by Nacho in Four Four Two.

“Ozil’s problem is that he had problems with everyone,”

“It ended badly with Wenger, he didn’t play the last few games with him, then Emery tried to bring him back and make him our leader.

“To begin with, he gave him a lot of confidence and Mesut played a lot, but the coach understood there were other teammates who were in better condition. Ozil was one of the best players in the team, one of the best paid, but they saw he wasn’t at the level required.

I don’t know why any of this is a surprise, but it’s always amusing to put it out there and watch his weird fanbase lose their mind over it. He falls out with everyone… even at Fenerbache he’s getting dropped for being a mouth. This doesn’t mean he lacks talent, it means he’s a bad egg in the squad, and he lacked application in the last 6 years of his career.


Wenger said a lot of things, let’s be honest. His actions spoke louder than his push-over-daddy comments… Ozil didn’t go to tough away games.

Arteta seemed to have the player purring for 10 or so games, then it all went to shit, so Arteta pressured him out of the club. I’m so glad he did and Fenerbache fell for the victim-bait his supporters peddled. Their problem now.

Kieran Tierney is being linked to Real Madrid. I said it a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be surprised. If we could sell high and upgrade for a lower price (Angelino), then that is quite simply the cost of not being a superpower when it comes to money. I do wonder how adept Tierney would be at moving to Madrid, he might not want to go. He offers Arsenal a different type of leadership to what people think. He’s not quite the table banging alpha people think he is, he needs looking after at the club, and I’m not sure he’s the slam dunk captain candidate so many think he is. Arsenal are looking at left-backs if he goes… make of that what you will.

So, all those people that thought the Super League was dead? Here is it wearing a different leotard.

The Champions League will use the so-called “Swiss-model” from the 2024-25 season. This will involve every team playing in a single league at the group stage, with a guarantee of at least 10 games. There will also be 36 teams in the Champions League-proper, four more than the current 32.

Of those places, two would go to teams with the best historical performance — although they have to finish in the places just outside the Champions League spots in their own league — and these will be known as the two co-efficient places that take into consideration a club’s performance over the previous five seasons.

Another slot will go to the fifth best-performing league in Europe, and one extra for the ‘Champions’ pathway in qualification.

The big club privilege on show here is OUTRAGEOUS. Arsenal would have crept into the Champions League under Emery because Wenger was decent at getting into the competition. Barcelona would always have a way back in because they work in an unfair league. It is a shameful degradation of the competition… but it reads like admin, so no one pays attention.

Just remember, the Europa League punishes last 16 qualifiers by giving failed Champions League clubs a crack at an easier competition. Again, that’s big club privilege in action, but no one realizes it’s a dirty corruption of competition.


Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in front 100m people, it was caught on camera, he was allowed to say on the pitch.

What would have happened if it were Xhaka?


Tapping out on that one. See you in the comments. BIG LOVE x

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