Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers – Not the Match of the Day – Matchday 18

Another week, another double shift, and another chance to fill our boots; but as we enter the business end of the season the battle for points is now becoming attritional. With survival at risk, can we trust our FPL assets to keep their heads, stay fit, and deliver? Can we even trust ourselves? As we all head deeper into the red zone it truly is squeaky bum time.


Bachmann and Robben 1-4 Krul Intentions

The Caped Crusaders had their jurisdiction probed by a Krul Intentions team bent on world domination, and qualification for the Champions League. Az led the charge with 112 pts, and a goal, in the H2Hs; and while Rasping Drive responded, Bachmann and Robben had no answer to the volley of hits in the Squad match. Rumors of a mole operating in Gotham City were denied by Suvansh, who was luxuriating with his 109 pts on the bench; however, in other news, Krul Intentions notched 92 pts for the home team.

Defoe King Unbelievables 2-4 No Fuchs Given

In the game most in need of the parental control button, No Fuchs Given put their apathy on hold to stunt the progress of the Defoe Kings. Hasselbaink Forever got the expletives started with an unbelievable brace, but No Fuchs weren’t having it and had the last swearword thanks to handouts from Gower (111), 05tmedd (108) and Pras United (105).

The Nameless Ones 3-1 The Hairy Henry

With both teams operating under cover, there wasn’t a lot for the spectators to get excited about. It was deadlock in the H2Hs thanks to single point victories by BRKFCTrueRover and Cacio-e-pep; but it was Linbee’s crew who went on the record in the Squad match with somewhatpleasing centuries from Hindu Monkey, Whiteshark1983and SamuraiGaijin to serve up a victory that leaves The Hairy Henry clinging to Champions League qualification by the short and curlies.

Lloris the Hounds 0-7 Hanging by a Fred

Having been dogged by indifferent form, the Freds delivered a pedigree performance against the Hounds to secure a post-season berth. Astrocycte got the schooling going with a H2H goal; but it was the firm discipline applied by SmileDriver (108), Darth_Newdar (105), and Gianni Buttice (100) that sent the pooches scurrying back to their kennels. The Freds can now start thinking about adding rotation to their dangling skills.

Toxic Seaman 0-4 Son of a Gunn

In a table-topping clash between two of the league’s more unsavoury squads, it was Son of a Gunn who cleared the air to get back on track. There was nothing to see in the H2Hs; however, while Kayser Soze notched 100pts for the Seamen in the Squad match, the usual suspects were firing blanks, and it was Son of Gunn who repelled boarders courtesy of centuries from dvbutler, Adam28913, muong, and FPL_Gills.

Fantastic Mr Fox 2-3 Shot to the Hart and Yorke to blame

After last week’s thrashing by the Hounds, Shot to the Hart tried to take it out on the foxes, but soon found that these predators bite back. In the H2Hs, Spade Hansen’s brace for Hart/York was matched by Hai for the Foxes; and it looked like the vixens would hold their slender lead in the Squad match, but that stoppage-time DCL assist capped a Hart/Yorke comeback, and means that the blame game can be postponed for another week.

Ayew Lonesome Tonight 1-1 Footstock Alumni

In another very tight match between two teams fearing a future in the ‘Your Ropey’ league, it was Lagdon82 who led from the front for the Alumni; but his H2H goal was matched in the Squad match thanks to Graceland performances by Narcos (116) and Joe Lepper (109 pts). The Lonesomes really needed the win, but were left singing the blues after falling just short of a second Squad goal. Where’s VAR when you need it?

Free Britney’s Areola 8-2 Shearer’s bunch of Flowers

We’ve all enjoyed the improvement in Britney’s form, and this week was no exception as the Areolas had their cups running over with a chestful of points. Raynitesh1992 did his best to stem the flow for the Florists, but his brace was topped by Gnu, who knew that the Britneys would stand out in the Squad match. And he was right, thanks to centuries from Anuragkhetoncfc, Sonny the Hitman, Professor Baerand bigmanbakar.

Flying without Ings 4-3 Jimmy Floyd Hamsterbaink

When you’re stuck in the cellar the last thing you need is a rodent invasion; However, Flying without Ings had the tools needed for a model lesson in pest control. Sharath v led the eradication with 111 pts and a brace in the H2Hs; and Dream Killer 2.0 (103) found his true vocation in the Squad match, which means that the Ingsless hang on to their place in the last chance saloon.

Hwang King in a Wood 5-1 Catch me if U Kane

The Hwang Kings are on the rise following a limp performance by Catch me if U Kane which leaves them in danger of drooping out of the Champions League slots. With 113 pts in goal, rascalthebear did at least ensure that one of the sheets remained clean, and Badgevila popped up for a goal; but after that it was Hwang Kings all the way, with joels188 (106), davidstrom (104), and sham86 (102) doing most to shake things up.

The Rooney Tunes 3-0 Carroll’s Christmas Island

With the Carrolls looking out of season, the Rooney Tunes continue to hit the right notes and turn fpl points into the victories. Grossamer led the way in the H2Hs, and Speedy’s boys maintained the press in the Squad match with Sanchit (111), Lateriser (106), and manchesterisred (105) serving up a 3-0 win. Surely it is not too late for these seasoned campaigners; However, for the Carrolls, it’s starting to look like the loan to Reading might be made permanent.

Hey MaccaReina! 0-5 Too Krul for Siu

The fpl galaticos stumbled again, and Too Krul for Siu didn’t hesitate to put the boot in to maintain their challenge for a post-season berth. FPL Mode (112) struck a brace in the H2Hs, and SUNFLOWER (107) illuminated the Squad match. For the Maccas, tedtalksfpl will need to have a word with his squad; however, he might give a pass to Bertilad (114) and FPL Nymphria (110).

The full results can be found here:

SKLW – Live scores & League tables – Google Sheets


It was a high scoring week, even after Boris’ deductions for bench boosters and triple captains. Honorable mentions go to Bertilad (114 pts) and raynitesh1992 (115 pts and a brace) who both excelled in a losing cause; However, this week’s top dog is Narcos (116 pts) whose high score so very nearly delivered victory for Ayew Lonesome Tonight. Well done all.

While, of course, none of us play this game for personal glory, the competition for the golden boot is hotting up nicely; and, with Az on his tail, I can’t see tedtalksfpl Giving his teammates a shot at the striker’s berth anytime soon. The battle for the golden gloves is wide open.


With normal service being resumed for the Freds, it was Son of a Gunn who moved into 2nd place, with Toxic Seaman and No Fuchs Given in close attendance. Catch me if U Kane are in the final Champions League qualifying slot on 24pts, with is also the most flying points without Ings can achieve with five matches remaining. It’s going to be emotional.

The full table is as follows:


In Matchday 19 the leaders are all up against teams who need the points more than they do. The Freds will need to be on the lookout for the Foxes; it’s a must win match for Ayew Lonesome Tonight against Son of a Gunn; the same applies for Lloris the Hounds against No Fuchs Given; and The Hairy Henry can’t afford to lose any more ground when they face Toxic Seaman. At the bottom, it’s probably too late for Flying without Ings, and Footstock Alumni will have the opportunity to seal their fate.

After all the recent excess, we now have the austerity of a BGW to look forward to, closely followed by the international break; and boy don’t we all need that. It would be good if Mr Putin took a break too. Stay safe.

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