Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers Not the Match of the Day – Matchday 17

Welcome back to the best FPL community tournament there’s ever been, for another update as the competition slowly builds up to the knockout stages. The first matchweek (MW) of the final phase is done and dusted – not since the red wedding has such a bloodbath been watching. Six more MWs to go until the top sixteen teams of the Head to Head stage are confirmed to qualify for the Champions League Knock-Outs.

The Results Are In …

…and if you think MW16 was a goal fest with 51 goals scoring, Phase 4 opened with a humongous 125 goals!!! Scroll down if you are faint of heart, but for those of a stronger stomach, here are the results-

Krul Intentions 11 – 5 No Fuchs Given

With no less than six FPL managers ending GW28 with 100+ scores, Krul intentions were ruthless in their dispatching of the out of form No Fuchs Given. MVP Az scored five striker goals for the winning team here, but a shout out to Nafees Imteaz, striker for the away team, who scored 5 consolation goals.

The Hairy Henry 0 – 5 Bachmann and Robben

The heroic Bachmann and Robben bounced back from a harsh loss in MW16 to claim a solid victory against The Hairy Henry. Jake Donahue got a striker goal, Tets McGee was last seen throwing some very unheroic gestures to his opposition manager GuaravGharge who was in goal for the Henry’s.

Hanging by a Fred 0 – 6 Defoe King Unbelievables

Hyped up as one of the biggest matches of the tournament so far, the league leaders headed up by richardsp93 took on the reigning champions, headed up by Pirlo’s Pen. The away team’s manager took the bull by the horns and stepped forward as striker, and despite a cracking score of 113 was denied a goal by Harvard who scored a stonking 142 FPL points. It was the Defo King Unbelievables squad who rattled in the six goals needed for victory.

Son of a Gunn 1 – 11 The Nameless Ones

FplRichie has sent his team for counseling following the PTSD incurring demolition inflicted upon them by Linnbee’s The Nameless Ones. With no less than ten players scoring more than 100 FPL points, only time will tell whether or not the sons of Gunn will ever be able to recover. Kun Karam did score one consolation goal as striker for the home side, and a shout out to White Shark 1983 for his hat trick at the other end.

Shot to the Hart and Yorke to Blame 1 – 14 Lloris the Hounds

FPL Differential King, the away team’s manager benched himself this week, presumably so he could watch Ramsay Bolton-like from a safe distance. His team did not release the hounds, they unleashed the entire bloody menagerie, but unlike the battle of the B’stards, there were no knights of the Vale to be seen…home striker the FPLkiwi did get a single striker goal to save his manager Auto -Select’s blushes, but Away striker Mashuud’s four goals simply rubbed salt into the massive ten goal wound inflicted by his squadmates.

Footstock Alumni 3 – 3 Toxic Seaman

The only draw of the matchweek, this one was a very close affair indeed. Lagdon82’s squad made a big dent with three squad goals by the skin of their teeth – 1 FPL point less and it would have been just the two. Grayhead’s striker, Sneakypete scored an impressive hat trick against opposition goalie Holly Shand. However home striker Gilchrist1983 was just a single FPL point away from scoring a striker goal for a home win, so all things considered a draw was probably a fair result

Shearers Bunch of Flowers 8 – 0 Fantastic Mr Fox

Home team manager, Danelius, led from the front once more and scored two goals as striker, inspiring the rest of his team to score six more squad goals, inflicting the second loss in as many weeks. The first time we have seen four scores above 100 in the H2Hs.

Jimmy Floyd Hamsterbaink 12 – 0 Ayew Lonesome Tonight

The Hamsters continued their desperate efforts to stay above relegation with a fine win against the struggling away team. Home striker Vobinho scored four striker goals, while the rest of Toblerone52’s squad scored the other eight. Narcos will need to inspire his team from their slumber if they wish to avoid relegation.

Catch me if you Kane 2 – 13 Free Britney’s Areola

KIRAFPL got his striker pretty much bang on, as only Jarvish scored higher in his squad, and ConteClub scored a brace in his H2H, but from there it was one way traffic. Darth_Krid and his team made a bold statement of intent here, with his striker Werkself scoring four goals to top off a squad score of nine goals. Are they the dark horses for Phase four?

Carrol’s Christmas Island 4 – 1 Flying Without Ings

Fplhints’ move to put himself as striker almost backfired as not only did he fail to score, but the opposition striker, Sid Surotia, did score a goal. Luckily for the home team manager, his squad took the game by the scruff of its neck and scored four goals to get a home win. Flying Without Ings look to be out of the running for the Champions League knockout stage.

Too Krul for Siu 10 – 0 Hwang King in a Wood

Setting a new record for H2H goals scored, home team striker Igz08 put away a massive six goals for his side… not that they were needed after the rest of the team scored an extra four goals with no reply. FPL_Panda and his squad now find themselves in a relegation battle to avoid the ‘You’re Ropey League of Shame’.

Hey MaccaReina! 5 – 10 The Rooney Tunes

Tedtalksfpl unashamedly took the bold move of taking up the striker mantle once more, but his stonking five goal haul only served to rocket himself up to the top of the Strikers leaderboard. Speedy’s experienced team of FPL veterans had other ideas, and despite not getting any goals from their striker, scored a huge ten squad goals (that’s not a typo, they actually scored ten goals!), continuing their imperious form as they continue to scrap their way up to the qualifying places.

Full results can be found here:

Player of the Week

Only two players scored adjusted above 140 this match week, as Bench Boost scores do get down to keep things fair. Aforementioned Harvard scored 142 which helped him keep a clean sheet in his H2H for Hanging By a Fred. but the top scorer was Step Rovers who scored 146 to keep his teammate Az on his toes.

H2H League Standings

Toxic Seaman by only getting a draw blew their chance to take top spot after Hanging by a Fred’s loss to Defoe King Unbelievables. Admittedly I have not done the maths yet but I believe but my brain is telling me that richardsp93’s team are the first to get guaranteed Champions League football come the end of the H2H stage. In terms of Phase 4, six weeks to go, but Lloris the Hounds current sit in top spot with 14 goals scored along with their single win

Phase 4 fixtures

The final phase will have seven fixtures in total, so will be the toughest one to win.

Matchweek Gameweek Date
17 28 Played
18 29 12-Mar-22
19 30 19-Mar-22
20 31 02-Apr-22
21 32 09-Apr-22
22 33 16-Apr-22
23 34 23-Apr-22

Here are the fixtures for MW18, The Rooney Tunes and The Nameless Ones will surely strike fear into their opponents, Carrolls Christmas Island and The Hairy Henry respectively, with both teams fighting to avoid relegation. Especially with Too Krul for Siu and Lloris the Hounds hot on their tails and in very strong form.

Podcast (available from Sunday)

This week Grayhead and Boris are joined by Pete Richards, manager of Hanging By A Fred, where they discuss Arsenal and Spurs differentials, last weeks results and the upcoming fixtures. All pods for the Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers tournament are available here:

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