Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers Not the Match of the Day – Matchday 16

As the doors slam shut on Matchweek 16, and with them the end of Phase 3, a new band of brothers (and maybe sisters, I am not sure) find themselves covered in the rarest of glories, namely as winners of a Phase in the Fantasy Football Scout’s Community Tournament. Only six teams have won this before, so treasure the feeling while you can Phase Champions, you may never taste it again.

Before I name the winners, I will take you through the results, some of which will inflict a particular brand of agony to me…

The Results Are In …

The Hairy Henry 4 – 0 Krul Intentions

GuaravGharge, team manager of the Unshaved Dysons (credit to Jarvish on this pseudonym) who put himself forward as goalkeeper in their H2Hs this weekend. Poor Krul Intentions found themselves up against a team who had the second highest squad score of the week.

No Fuchs Given 0 – 3 Hanging By A Fred

Hard to believe that No Fuchs were given this week, as Mihir and his crew suffered their fourth loss of Phase 3, despite the team manager putting himself forward as their striker. The opposition’s manager, Richardsp93, kept calm under pressure and saw his team score two squad goals, his striker TS Sai score a H2H goal, and his goalie Veezeeboy keep a clean sheet. Total dominance by the H2H league leaders.

Bachmann And Robben 1 – 7 Son Of A Gunn

Not quite one way traffic, and Tets McGee’s striker, Park The Bus, did get a H2H goal for team Bachmann And Robben. But FPLRichie put his MVP forward as striker, and Mark Sutherns scored his first H2H goal of the season, to complement the squad score of six goals. Could this be the beginning of another run of victories for Son Of A Gunn?

Defoe King Unbelievables 3 – 1 Shot To The Hart And Yorke To Blame

They’re back! Pirlo’s Pen’s title holding crew pulled off their fourth win of Phase 3. A consolation goal for STTHAYTB’s striker, cazzfpl, will be of small comfort to Auto Select and his team who suffered their first loss of the phase.

The Nameless Ones 1 – 4 Footstock Alumni

ImBobbyLove did his job getting a single goal as striker for The Nameless Ones, but with the second lowest squad score of the week, Lagdon82 and his team pulled off a fine victory, with their team manager putting himself forward as striker and scoring a goal. Linnbee’s team see themselves drop even further down the H2H league and just 6 points clear of the relegation zone.

Lloris The Hounds 0 – 4 Shearer’s Bunch Of Flowers

Another team to suffer their fourth loss of Phase 3, Lloris The Hound’s manager, FPL Differential King, benched himself this week. Clearly this gave the Flowers a sniff of blood, as Danelius’ team dispatched the Hounds with ease. Wightbear took up the striker position and duly scored to give his team their third victory this phase.

Toxic Seaman 3 – 2 Jimmy Floyd Hamsterbaink

How did the Hamsters lose this, you are asking yourselves? Despite having three players scoring 70+ points, including their handsome, dashing striker, Boris Bodega, who scored a brace in his H2H, they still suffered a close loss at the hands of Phase 3 champions, Toxic Seaman. Grayhead’s squad scored two goals to put them into a drawing position, but it took their striker Milvus (not Grayhead) to score the winning goal.

Fantastic Mr Fox 0 – 2 Catch Me If You Kane

Suffering just their second loss this phase, the Foxes came close, but KIRAFPL managed his team well to earn this well needed win to keep them clear of the relegation zone. CMIYK’s striker, Gebro, got himself onto the scoresheet with a single goal.

Ayew Lonesome Tonight 2 – 2 Carroll’s Christmas Island

Narcos will be buying a pint of two for his striker Majestic Chanka, whose two goals without a single point to spare managed to grab his team a draw from the jaws of defeat. Fplhints put himself forward as striker for the islanders and scored a goal too, but this probably feels like two points lost rather than a point gained.

Free Britney’s Areola 2 – 1 Too Krul For Siu

Darth_Krid found himself as goalkeeper against one of the most prolific strikers of the competition, Too Krul For Siu’s Camzy, who scored his sixth goal of the competition. Luckily for Krid, his striker JMeeks1875 pulled one back, and Free Britney’s squad scored the deciding goal to get them this much needed win.

Flying Without Ings 1 – 3 Hey MaccaReina!

Tedtalksfpl found himself sole match-winner in this closely fought contest, as he put himself forward as striker, against his opposition manager Sreethe1 no less. Despite getting the higher squad score, Flying Without Ings found themselves behind as Ted’s hat trick pulled off a rare win by striker goals alone.

Hwang King In A Wood 0 – 5 The Rooney Tunes

Pulling off the highest squad score of the week, Speedy’s team finally grabbed a win to pull themselves a little further up the leader board in their quest for Champions League status. Striker Karan14 scored a single goal, and the squad took care of the rest. FPL_Panda’s team find themselves back into the relegation zone, and will need to start scoring big fast.

Full results can be found here.

Player of the Week

Both Saksham1994 and yours truly came close with scores of 73, but pipping them to the post was Paul Sampson with a fine score of 74. This was despite finding himself without a playing goalkeeper, but choosing Kane as captain and having Cash in his defence proved vital. Well done Paul.

Champions of Phase 3 are…

Grayhead’s Toxic Seaman, who didn’t drop a single point the whole phase. A big shout out to Greyhead and his squad Milvus, Bald Eagle, Chaballer, Darren Wiles, FPL Matthew, FPL Potnoodle, Gilles Wanlin, Jairzinho, Joccki_10, Keyser Soze, SneakyPete, Tony Hibbert, TopMarx, CORF and TOMAC.

H2H League Standings

So we head into Phase 4, the last of the league phases before we head into the knockouts.

A reminder that the top 16 in the H2H league at the end of Phase 4 will go into the Champions League knockout stage, and the bottom 8 will slug it out in the You’re Ropey League of Shame. Here are the standings currently:

Phase 4 fixtures

The final phase will have seven fixtures in total, so will be the toughest one to win.

Matchweek Gameweek Date
17 28 05-Mar-22
18 29 12-Mar-22
19 30 19-Mar-22
20 31 02-Apr-22
21 32 09-Apr-22
22 33 16-Apr-22
23 34 23-Apr-22

Here are the fixtures for MW17, will Footstock Alumni be able to end the run of the Toxic Seaman? Will the title-holding team, Defoe King Unbelievables get one over the current league leaders, Hanging By A Fred? Good luck to everyone!

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