Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers Not the Match of the Day – Matchday 13/14

Double Trouble! That’s right, it’s a monster update from the Community Tournament as we cover the latest goings-on from the Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers competition.

The Results are in….

Matchday 13 Highlights

The big news coming out of Matchday 13 was that No Fuchs Given their second on the bounce and slipped off the top of the table after a resounding 3-0 defeat to Catch me if U Kane. It was a shock result with the slippery Harry’s coming into the match having lost 3 games in a row, however big game managers Jarvish and Rascalthebear both scored in the 90s as the squad overwhelmed a shell shocked No Fuchs. Opposing fans were heard to cheer “where’s your spreadsheet now?” as FPL Mihir and his team trudged off the field.

Shot to the Hart and Yorke to Blame continued their impressive run with the biggest win of the Matchday with an 8-0 victory, Craggy Island All Priests over 75 was simply divine and left the crowd shouting “Go On, Go On, Go On” as he hit an impressive hat-trick.

It was another big victory for the Nameless Ones, and it was the return of the Mac as Andy Mac scored an awesome foursome to see Linn’s loud and lovelies to a famous win. I am also contractually obliged to mention Free Britney’s Areola 5-0 triumph with the dashing Darth_Krid underscoring his talents with a striker’s goal before his squad piled on the agony for Ayew Lonesome Tonight.

Son of a Gunn won a tight game 1-0 with FPL Gills performing particularly well, Ryligudfootiemanager continues to live up to his name as he gave the new league leaders Hanging by a Fred, yet another victory and The Rooney Tunes played out an entertaining 2 -2 draw with Lloris the Hounds, Faraboy Bash scoring twice for the dogs, but Blue Lion also roared to 95 for the Tunes.

The Hamsters nibbled their way to a 3-0 win with Mr. Hindsight having no need to look back as he scored one, but it was a good squad performance as well that saw them to handsome win – notable that Boris Bodega was left on the side-lines for this one although he probably had a party to go to or not go to.

The biggest squad score belonged to Carroll’s Christmas Island as they gave a festive flogging to the Unbelievables, unfortunately Flying without Ings their unlucky run with a 3-1 defeat to the Foxes and despite a frenzy of Hwang King by the Woodlanders it only resulted in Toxic Seaman and a happy ending for my team.

Matchday 14 Highlights

The big match going into the MD14 was league leaders Hanging by a Fred taking on one of the form teams Shot to the Hart and Yorke to Blame. The Freds flew out of the traps with a quick-fire brace from Les Caldwell and team captain Peter Richards looking strong between the sticks with an impressive 94. However, the analytical hot shots drew level due to a strong team performance with AutoSelect leading by example on 86 points. A 2-2 draw was a fair result and gives hope to the chasing pack.

In the BlackBox derby, Son of a Gun vs Krul Intentions, named due to the participation of Az and Mark on opposing sides had a decisive winner as Suvansh and his gang won 3-0 with the good Lord himself hitting an impressive 89 to give them a comfortable squad win, whilst Step Rovers stood firm in goal against a stylish performance from plane spotter Kun Karam who scored 81.

The Henry’s won 5-0 against the Alumni with FPL Salah on the scoresheet, Defoe King Unbelievables had a 4-1 victory with captain PirlosPen doing a Roy of the Rovers scoring a hat-trick and Too Krul for Siu scored four as well despite FPL Differential King giving a fine goalkeeping display on 90 points.

No Fuchs were unfortunate to lose again thanks to Bruno whose last-minute goal swung the tie towards those sweet-smelling Shearer’s Bunch of Flowers, Bachmann and Robben performed like superheroes to defeat the harassed Hamsters – captain Tets McGee scored a couple here and the Nameless Ones lost a thriller to the Christmas Islanders despite a shark attack double from Whiteshark1983.

Fantastic Mr Fox continued their good form with a 4-0 triumph, Ayew Lonesome Tonight were overwhelmed by the Hwang King woodlanders with Sham86 scoring a huge 101 points and the Free Britney movement received a boost as they defeated the luckless Flying without Ings.

It would be wrong of me not to abuse my position as writer of this article and wax lyrically about my Toxic Seaman as we continued to sweep all aside. This MD saw a fine goalkeeping performance from Pot Noodle but some key appointments over recent weeks have been the foundation of our success. Barry the Lighthouse Keeper and Top Marx have provided a technical foundation, Chaballer has injected a heightened level of discipline and I am just around to make the tea. Beware the Toxics!

The full results are below and the link to the spreadsheet can be found here for anyone wanting to take a forensic look into the matches


Player of the week(s)

Despite some impressive scoring from the likes of Blue Lion with 95 and Rascalthebear with 93, the committee had no choice but to give player of the week for Matchday 13 to Andy Mac for his four goals.

Player of the week for MD14 was Sham86 of Hwang King who scored 101 points thanks to Raheem Sterling but honorable mentions to Rojoy68 on 93 for the Hamsters and the ever-consistent Rligudfootiemanager on 93 for the Hanging by a Fred.

How it stands

The seemingly invincible No Fuchs Given have taken a step back and we have new leaders in the H2H with Hanging by a Fred now the number ones, my lot of Toxic Seaman are loiting with intent in joint 3rd with Fantastic Mr Fox and Son of Gunn.

Only 9 weeks to go now until we get to the knockout stages with the top 16 guaranteed a place in the high stakes head to heads, Too Krul for Siu and Free Britney are kicking on with a good run of form to get into the knockout stage , whilst Flying without Ings and the Lonesome ones could do with a win, but a lot of teams can still qualify.

Coming up next…

Some cracking fixtures this week as Shot to the Hart and Yorke to Blame take on No Fuchs Given – a must-win if either team want to catch up with the league leaders, elsewhere the Jimmy Floyd Hamsterbaink vs The Nameless Ones makes me wonder what Randy Shafter will do with the Hamsters and two form teams battle out as Too Krul for Siu take on the Fantastic Foxes.

That’s all for now folks! Enjoy the carnage that awaits us in the upcoming double and may green arrows await you all.

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