Listen team, it’s been a bad week for the agenda, but sometimes you just have to power through it, because this particular agenda is the righteous path…

Things could get rocky though… somehow, through the power of my faith, I have managed to will Eddie Nkeitiah into a starting place for the Southampton game.

I know, right? All that analysis whining I’ve been doing regarding the lack of minutes Eddie has been given is about the be tested because Lacazette was not in training today.


Will the footballing gods reward me?

Are they about to punish me?

What sort of Eddie is going to show up here?

What has Arteta done to motivate him?

Did he tell him he’s getting the rest of the season to prove himself?

Or is it just an injury issue?

Whatever it is, I can tell you this for free, he should have been given these minutes earlier in the year so he’d be ready right now.

The striker has no rhythm.

… what he does have is a MOTIVATION to earn a living.

Score 4 goals in 8, his starting salary at the next place ‘might’ get closer to the £90k a week he’s asking Arsenal for.

Fuck it up, well, it’s backup Benjamins on the next deal.

At a very, very base level… Eddie is fast, he has power, and he can attack the box with far more aggression than Lacazette has been able to do this season. There’s a Premier League goalscorer in there for absolute certain.

There’s a perception that we don’t create. We average 15 attempts per game, 3rd highest in the league, so we do create, but our ‘big chance’ creation is lacking.

That’s partly down to the fact that we don’t have a central striker with the power to make runs and attack in the box. Eddie might now have the experience, he certainly doesn’t have the link-up play, but the kid is a menace in the box when he’s focused and hungry.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens here.

What’s the worst that can happen? He doesn’t score an open play goal? Please. That’s the standard for us this season.


I don’t miss those Auba misses.

It’s easy to pump shit Spanish teams, but when the gegenpressing monsters of Frankfurt come knocking, Xavi couldn’t handle it. Losing 3-2 to Frankfurt looks respectable on paper until you realise their two goals came past 90 minutes.

Was that classless of me? Absolutely. But when your Agenda ETF is down 30%, you gotta do whatever you can to pull down your rivals. Sorry Auba, I had to do it.

Granit Xhaka dropped a wide-ranging interview where he popped off at fans, ‘the guy behind the computer’, and AFTV.

I will hold my hands up, I have been meaning about Granit, he has every right to think I am a POS for criticizing him, but there is nuance to this.

A few things can be true.

1. I can be critical about Granit when it comes to the football. He’s paid huge amounts of money as compensation for being in the public eye as an athlete. If I think he’s performing badly, I can say it. If I think he’s a lousy captain, I can say it. If I think my grandma could play better, I can say it, even if that is a silly supposition. You can’t complain about people being obsessed about the game because that obsession fuels the luxurious living he has. When fans stop caring, the game is in trouble.

2. Granit can call the scum out for abuse. If you are abusing his family, if you threaten him, if you call him bad words in the stadium… you should be called out for that. You are not a true fan if you behave that way, it is abhorrent, and the internet needs to check itself. More players should speak out against the abuse, it’s embarrassing, it makes the experience worse, and it affects them.

3. Players should rise above it on the pitch. There are a lot of shitty things you have to deal with as a player, it is hard, but lashing out is never a good look. Will Smith shouldn’t have slapped a comedian, because he’s a professional in a hugely privileged position. Some folk tried to justify his behavior because jokes are violence, but they are wrong. Granit Xhaka lives in the same world, you have to block it out, because in the stadium, your job is to shut out the noise.

The crazy thing about all of this is there’s no solution in sight. The only way forward is for fans to regulate each other. Social media won’t help, stricter rules won’t stop it, and players complaining has to opposite impact.

Arsenal fans decided enough was enough this summer. They backed the club, the players, the project. The output? Even when we lose, it’s a good day. It is fun going to Arsenal again because it’s no longer toxic.

England fans decided the 3 players who missed penalties would not be subject to Beckham like vitriol. We rallied, outed the trolls, and turned the page on football fandom.

The only people that can change fandom… are the fans.

What do you think?

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