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I don’t need a POWER MAC 7000 built for the elite designers of the world when I’m at work, but I ask for one because I’m at that stage in my career where that is my god-given right. I use two programs, e-mail and notes to write things. How can I have a machine of this power and it cannot run those two items concurrently? Who is building the Apple Mac that can handle an e-mail program? I would buy that machine.

That does not segue me into any sort of Arsenal content. So let’s get cracking.

BIG MO has signed another extension at Arsenal. I think most people that have watched him this last month can concur a few things:

  1. The guy has improved his game, he takes more risks with his passing, he executes tactics really well, he can do a job (99th percentile for pass completion).
  2. Our collapse this season wasn’t anything to do with him.
  3. If he’d played Palace, Southampton, and Brighton we might have exited with more than zero points

Arsenal fans are going to need a bit of maturity this summer when it comes to assessing our squad needs.

  1. There are fine funds
  2. Not every player in your squad can be competing for a first-team place
  3. We need some experience

Mo Elneny played 800 minutes this season. Of the last 7 games in which he clocked pure 90s, we won 5 of 7. Those wins included West Ham, Chelsea, and United. Out of the other two games, one was against Spurs in which we went down to 10 men. The other was the Newcastle game, in which he made 35% of all our progressive passes that day.

This is his radar.

He is good enough. Europa League is not the Champions League. The Egyptian Pirlo in that competition will be absolutely fine.

Bigger picture here is what do people want from that position? What level of player do people see us signing that will be happy with 800 minutes? Someone said to me the other day ‘GUNDOGAN’… like, come on man, you think he’s coming to Arsenal to take over from Big Mo?

We need to save pennies where we can.

Eddie signing on for us could be absolutely huge and another penny saver. This is how League One Eddie stacks up against players in the top 5 leagues in Europe.

This is who his numbers compare to in Europe.

I still have people in our Youtube videos saying ‘HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ and that my friends is addiction to the new. They’d rather us sign someone from the Austrian League that has a nice comp than the kid in our starting 11 dropping numbers like that at 22 years old. It is BAFFLING. There are definite benefits to unearthing gems in faraway leagues, but always remember the Brendan Rodgers Fan Club telling us all last summer that Bertrand, Soumare and Patson Daka were the next level and clearly showed that Arsenal had fallen off.

Eddie scored the same number of PL goals as Patson. Where are those Brenda fans today?

Tying Eddie down gives us another Hale-Ender in the squad and it keeps £25m safe. If I were Eddie’s agent, I’d tell Arsenal that I want an exit clause in my deal that says I can go for £10m next summer if I don’t get 20 starts next season. It’s win-win that way.

Our focus needs to be on adding first-team quality to the midfield so we can deal with Thomas Partey injury issues and it needs to deliver us some goals to the forward line in the shape of a near world-class forward and possibly a winger that can replace the sure-to-be-exited Nico Pepe this summer.

Everything else from there looks like bonus signings.

Competition for Gabriel feels like it’s going to depend on moving someone out, but it’d be great if we could land a Tomiyasu like talent there, or even a loan for a season for a seasoned vet like Umtiti.

Our left side needs something to happen to it quite urgently. We don’t have a reliable 50-game-a-season player there and we don’t have an experienced enough representative. You’d imagine there’s a chance we totally rebuild the left side of our defence because Tierney exiting the first team correlates very nicely with our demise as a team.

Right, short post today because that is every piece of content I have.

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