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The Arsenal Loan Boys Classique in France went well for Flo and Nuno yesterday. Our 3rd choice left-back scored a screamer, I think it was maybe the second shot he’s hit on target this year and it was a low screamer. It’s lovely to see him doing well in France, hopefully he can add a bit of calmness to his game, and a bit of defensive rigour. Balogun also scored, a cross was whipped in, Marseille didn’t clear it and Balogun was sharpest to the second ball nodding it in.

Nuno won MoTM in L’quipe.

Next summer, I suspect you’ll likely see Kieran Tierney exit for a big money because he’s not going to sit behind Zinchenko long-term. I could be wrong, but I think Zinchenko has more to his game, and I reckon he’s more robust… not that we’ve seen him drop too many 50-game season, so we’ll see.

Nuno will then come back and fight for his place. Hopefully we’ll have a more mature player with extremely explosive traits… and someone that will happily fight for his place being quite a bit younger than KT.

Barcelona are rapidly turning into the most ridiculous club on the planet. They apparently told Frenkie that they’ve seen bad things in his deal, agreed by previous management, and they recommended the contract be annulled. In any other business, this sort of carry-on would end in a lawsuit. To make matter even more nuts, Barcelona set up an account they owned, transferred their own money into it, and tried to pretend it was new money… La Liga said no, and told them they can’t register their 5 new players. That is fraud. How are they allowed to operate this way without consequence?

United has an offer on the table for Frenkie. Chelsea has an offer on the table for Frenkie PLUS an offer to pay his deferred wages. But the player still prefers to stay at Barcelona, ​​which I think is amazing. Quite incredible that Barcelona thought it was sharp to give him a £400k a week deal.

Hopefully, they are made to pay for the error of their ways, but you suspect they’ll get away with it because they have a big brand.

How about some more United slander?

EtH, probably the last of the ‘ARSENAL SHOULD SACK ARTETA FOR _______’ managers, is really warming to the job. He’s tapping Arnautovic to spice up the dressing room, which is amazing because he’s both shite, and a bit of a racist. But hey, sometimes you need a bit of a personality… maybe he’ll do better with talent ID in midfield? ERRR NO! Adrien Rabbit is on the list. I didn’t even realise he was a real player, I thought he existed as a metaverse transfer rumour. Some sort of gag. But listen, I am absolutely here for this sort of player because he isn’t moving Untied to the promised land.

BNC, right back superstar in the making, has signed a new deal with Arsenal. The plan there seems quite clear, give him a bigger loan at a better team this season, hope he smashes it, then give him the chance to succeed Cedric next season. The kid has it all, he has outrageous amounts of technical ability, he’s won things with England U19s, he’s powerful like Nuno, and he seems to have his head screwed on. It’s so good to have all our young players committing to new deals these days.

There are stories doing the rounds that Arsenal are one of the clubs tracking winger Yeremy Pino of Villareal. They need to raise funds, the 20 year old is attracting the fluttering eyelids of Arsenal and Liverpool, the release is £67m. Now, who knows if this is true, but I think the profile of the wide player we’re looking at is a little more experienced. Output is the absolute key for Arteta. Raphinha had done it in a failing Leeds side, Moussa Dembele has ridiculous numbers, I’m not sure we’re going to go hard for a 20-year-old with 6 goals and 4 assists. We need someone that can deliver now, we have more than enough players that have potential.

Again, could be wrong, but even Fabio Vieira comes with BIG output numbers. We are doing all we can to derisk out signings. There’s not a lot of players arriving at Arsenal this summer you have to guess at or listen to the weirdos on Football Twitter who assume anyone obscure is the best player ever.

I’m more interested in getting Tielemans over the line right now. We’re light on experience there and our two bests are 29 years old. We need some additional legs so we’re not exposed like we were last season. So let’s hope we can kick some deals over the line.

Ok, short one today, see you in the comments. x

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