Mini Leagues & Community Competitions – Gameweek 31

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions round-up after GW31, a rather underwhelming minor Double Gameweek.

We report on the two main FFScout Leagues, our new world number one, the recent Live Hall of Fame update and the chip strategy favored by seven of its top ten, the Mods & Cons and FFS Family mini-leagues, Last Man Standing, the FFS Members Cup, the Head-to-Head Leagues and a selection of other community mini-leagues.


Srecko Kurtovic tops the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league (league code gsnskx) for a 23rd week and is now 11th overall.


Håkon Mangersnes has regained the lead from Joacim Lengroth in the Fantasy Football Scout members mini-league, having previously led after Gameweeks 28 and 29. This League is also open to all, and the league code is visible in the widget on the FFS Home Page when signed in – but only those with a registered FFS account (paid or free) will be eligible for prizes.

Fantasy Football Scout Members is now the third best league in FPL, based on the average scores of the top five teams in each league. Our own top five are all in the overall top fifty.


Håkon, who was recently interviewed by Neale (Skonto Rigga), is now.number one in the world. He has been in the overall top twenty since Gameweek 23 and is 609th in our recently updated FFS Live Hall of Fame. His previous best finish was 2,413th in 2019/20.


The FFS Live Hall of Fame was updated again in the international break between Gameweeks 30 and 31, as reported in my comment here that listed the new top ten together with their positions in the FFS Career Hall of Fame and the overall ranks of the six that were in the overall top thousand at the time.

A few days later, this article looked at the squad template and chip strategies of these ten, many of which were remarkably similar.

I was surprised that only three of them (Fábio Borges, Brusdal Brusdal and Robert Wattel) triple captained Mo Salah against Norwich and Leeds for 28*3 points in Double Gameweek 26. The other seven played their Second Wildcards then in preparation for Bench Boosting in Gameweek 28 and didn’t triple captain him till Double Gameweek 29 against Brighton and Arsenal for only 10*3 points. Most of the leaders of our featured mini-leagues however DID triple captain him in Gameweek 26. See the Hot Topic that will be attached to this article for further details.


Chaz Phillips (Az) tops the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league for an 18th week. He is now 685th overall, and 128th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Obay Eid (FPL_Milanista) tops the FFS Family mini-league for a 28th week. He has risen to 34th overall and is 12th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


The safety score for Gameweek 30 in TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition (see and was 44, with 46 teams to be removed and 132 going through to Gameweek 32.

The highest scorer was Sean C with 69, thanks to double digit hauls from Richarlison and Doherty.


Gameweek 30 was the first round of the latest FFS Members Cup. The two previous winners had mixed results – Mohd Rodzi is through to round 2, but Scrumper was eliminated by Cheese pizza.

AJ is still the highest ranked manager (322nd), but the best score of the round was Wolves42 with 86 thanks to double digit hauls from Richarlison, Bowen, Cornet and Son.


Justin Spiegel still leads Martin Stubbs by two points at the top of League 1 of MIR’s FFS Head-to-Head Leagues. He is 238th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.

Viktor Torkelsson in League 9 Division 72 is still the highest scorer in the Head-to-Head Leagues, with 85 points out of a possible 93. He is now 9,238th overall, and 167th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Uroš Lorbek tops my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (league code kgmryk) for a third week and is now 137th overall.

Carl Evans tops my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (league code 03t1fd), which is for teams with two or more top 10,000 finishes, for a ninth week He is now 472nd overall, and 308th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.

Tony Yorath (AJ) tops PDM’s Top 1k ANY season mini-league (league code 01ef8y) for a fourth week. He has risen to 322nd overall, and is 142nd in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.

Jonathan Tan tops Livinginapool’s Top 100 Any Season mini-league (league code pztxjt) for an 11th week and is now 3,344th overall.

2018/19 FPL champion Adam Levy tops Simon March’s FPL Champions League for a 13th week and is now 4,197th overall.

Finn Sollie jumps straight in at number one in Chaballer’s Hall of Fame Top 1k mini-league (league code 1zpaad). He came 37th last season, 410th in 2016/17, has had another seven top 10k finishes and is currently 72nd overall..He is number one in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.

Callum Croal has regained the lead from Gerry Kerley in Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league (league code hz9bz2), having previously led from Gameweek 11 to Gameweek 18, again after Gameweeks 20 and 24, and jointly with Gerry after Gameweek 28. He is now 5,661st overall, and 26th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame. Gerry is level with him on points but has made more transfers.


Diyar Kocdemir tops my January to May League (league code fy0acw) for a second week, having risen from 4,939th after Gameweek 20 to 162nd now.


To join a featured mini-league FOR WHICH YOU ARE ELIGIBLE, simply enter the League code in the ‘Join private league’ section on the FPL site. For any questions relating to community competitions please email or comment below this article.

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