Mini Leagues & Community Competitions – Gameweek 26

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions round-up after DGW26, when many chips were played and many centuries were scored.

We report on the two main FFScout Leagues, the Mods & Cons and FFS Family mini-leagues, Last Man Standing, the Head-to-Head Leagues and a selection of other community mini-leagues, as well as on the latest update to the FFS Live Hall of Fame.

There are now over nine million teams in FPL, and these are some of the best. Most of the mini-league leaders triple captained Mo Salah.


Srecko Kurtovic tops the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league (league code gsnskx) for an 18th week.

He is still fourth in the overall rankings.


Daniel Masson-Abraham has regained the lead from Håkon Mangersnes in the Fantasy Football Scout members mini-league and is still ninth overall. He had previously led from Gameweek 7 to Gameweek 24 and was world number one for ten weeks.

This league is also open to all and the league code is visible in the widget on the FFS Home Page when signed in, but only those with a registered FFS account (paid or free) will be eligible for prizes.


Chaz Phillips (Az) tops the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league for a 13th week and is now 4,656th overall. He is 251st in the recently updated FFS Live Hall of Fame.

All but one of the 38 teams in this mini-league played a chip this week:

19 triple captained Salah (top score after hits 154, average after hits 137.3).

13 Wildcarded (top score 141, average 131.4).

3 Bench Boosted (top score after hits 172, average after hits 145).

One triple captained Mane (145) and one triple captained Alexander-Arnold (86).

One did not play a chip (108), but none of them played a Free Hit.


Obay Eid (FPL_Milanista) tops the FFS Family mini-league for a 23rd week. He is now 160th overall and 18th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


The safety score for Gameweek 25 in TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition (‘LMS’, see and was 117, with 58 teams to be removed and 396 going through to Gameweek 27.

The joint highest scorers with 160 points each after hits were Gary Lee and Gerard Spratt.


Martin Stubbs and Justin Speigel both lost their latest matches in League 1 in MIR’s FFS Head-to-Head Leagues and Emerson Ciccarello is now in second place, six points behind Martin.

Michael Cahill in League 5 Division 8 is still the highest scorer in the Head-to-Head Leagues, with 72 points out of a possible 78 after playing his Bench Boost.


James Ingram has regained the lead from Chad Damons in my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (league code kgmryk) and has risen to 85th overall. He previously led after Gameweek 24 and is 256th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.

Carl Evans tops my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (league code 03t1fd), which is for teams with two or more top 10,000 finishes, for a fourth week after playing his Wildcard. He is now 577th overall and 376th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.

Jonathan Tan tops PDM’s Top 1k ANY season mini-league (league code 01ef8y) for a sixth week and is now 763rd overall.

Jonathan also tops Livinginapool’s Top 100 Any Season mini-league (league code pztxjt) for a ninth week.

2018/19 FPL champion Adam Levy tops Simon March’s FPL Champions League for an eighth week after playing his first Free Hit and has risen to 5,233rd overall.

Fábio Borges tops Chaballer’s Hall of Fame Top 1k mini-league (league code 1zpaad) for a third week and has risen to 1,623rd overall. He is number one in our FFS Career Hall of Fame.

Richard Irving has regained the lead from Gerry Kerley in Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league (league code hz9bz2) and is now 8,511th overall. He previously led after Gameweeks 9 and 10.


Daniel Bude is the new leader of my January to May League (league code fy0acw) after wildcarding in Gameweek 25 and then triple captaining Salah for 169(-4) in Gameweek 26. Six successive green arrows have seen him rise from 321k after Gameweek 20. to 44k now. He has had two previous top 10k finishes.


To join a featured mini-league that you are eligible for, simply enter the League code in the ‘Join private league’ section on the FPL site. For any questions relating to community competitions please email or comment below this article.


The FFS Live Hall of Fame (which, which, which, the FFS Career Hall of Fame, can only be viewed by Premium Members) was updated again after Gameweek 25, and 63,236 managers participating in the Fantasy Football Scout and Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-leagues are now rated.

The new top ten, with FFS Career Hall of Fame positions in brackets, is:

1(3) Finn Sollie

2(1) Fabio Borges

3(6) Brusdal Brusdal

4(2) Tom Stephenson

5(44) Abdul Rehman (FPL Salah)

6(8) Jon Ballantyne (Mad Moose FC)

7(4) Morten Tveito

8(15) James Cooper

9(61) John Canning

10(16) Scott McIrvine

Abdul (FPL Salah) is the highest new entry to the top ten since the previous update. He has had four previous top thousand finishes and is top of the FPL Show Pundits 2021/22 mini-league.

Nine of the ten were in the top 20k at the time of the update and the other was just outside the top 30k, but Finn (92nd) and Abdul (874th) were the only ones in the top thousand.

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