Knicks’ Quentin Grimes, brother Tyler nearly share MSG memory

Sunday was truly going to be a historic “Mother’s Doubleheader Day.”

Tonja Stelly had flown in from Houston to watch Sunday’s Garden twin bill — her son, Quentin Grimes, was to play for the Knicks against the Sixers in a matinee followed by her older son, 6-foot-8 Tyler, patrolling the blue line for the Vancouver Canucks as they played the Rangers.

There had never been a set of brothers who played in both the NBA and NHL until Grimes and Myers. But only half of Sunday’s plan was realized. Grimes went down in Friday’s first half of the Heat-Knicks game, suffering a dislocated knee which could end his rookie year.

“I was looking forward to my son playing this afternoon and my son playing hockey at night but unfortunately there were other plans in place,” Tonja told The Post from the Garden on Sunday.

Assorted family members — and the Canucks — had gotten to New York early so Tonja and Tyler were at Friday’s Heat game when the grand plan got scuttled.

Quentin Grimes
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Quentin Grimes is helped off the court.
Quentin Grimes is helped off the court.

In Friday’s first half, Grimes’ knee buckled and he was helped off by teammates. The Knicks announced he’ll be reevaluated in two weeks.

“When Quentin was in so much pain, I knew something was serious,” Tonja said. “It was very difficult and heartbreaking. Just because everybody was back and we had a chance to make a good push. So Quentin was disappointed and we are too, but luckily it’s not hugely serious.”

Grimes is in a knee brace and was on the Knicks’ bench Sunday. Tonja still attended Sunday’s loss with family. Quentin planned to join the group Sunday night for Canucks-Rangers.

Quentin Grimes (right), his mother Tonja (middle) and brother Tyler (left).
Quentin Grimes (right), his mother Tonja (middle) and brother Tyler (left).
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Tyler, a first-round pick by the Sabres, is in his 13th season and was the NHL’s Rookie of the Year in 2010. He’s 10 years older than the 6-4 Quentin. They have different fathers and Quentin grew up in Houston while Tyler was raised in Calgary with his oil-man dad.

“It’s never been done apparently,” said Tonja, a 5-11 former power forward who played college basketball at Fort Hayes University in Kansas. “I pinch myself several times to make sure it’s all still real. This was going to be a crazier, special weekend from that standpoint. But it’s quite an amazing thing. They both put their hearts and soul into their passions. They both love doing what they do.”

Tyler is married with two children and grew up mostly in a different household from Grimes. But they have attempted to remain close.

“It’s a different stage of life they’re in but they do have their competitive passions and they do enjoy talking a lot, having that in common,” Tonja said.

Grimes was selected 25th last July, hit the rotation in December and became a favorite fan. Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau has raved about his two-way excellence ever since.

That’s why his loss is a big blow as sources believe it could be a month before they even decide to bring him back with the season ending April 10.

“[Thibodeau’s] been super complimentary and Quentin loves his coaching,” said Tonja, who has flown in from Houston several times and has seen about 10 home games. “Quentin worked very hard his whole basketball career. He’s there early, leaves late. This is his passion. From that standpoint it’s a bummer. He’ll be reevaluated after a couple of weeks and they’ll make decisions from there as a team. We’ll see what the doctors say but it’s been quite a ride.

Quentin Grimes’ mom Tonja Stelly watches the Knicks game against the 76ers Sunday.
Roebrt Sabo

“I was so excited for him [to be taken by the Knicks]. New York City is New York City. Playing in the Garden, it’s just amazing he’d be coming to the city. There’s so much history.”

And Grimes and Myers have already made history, even if Sunday didn’t go as planned.


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