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The BIG injury news for the Spurs game is basically everyone will be fit bar Emile Smith Rowe who seems to always have a discomfort in his groin.

At the start of last season, his absence would have been a major issue to our creativity, this season, we have plenty of attacking backup.

Check out that for a chart. Arsenal dominating for players in the top 10 here for players involved in shot-creating sequences.

Spurs rely on two players, if those two aren’t about, they are fucked. We’re massively in the mixer and we have players like Fabio Vieira on the bench along with ESR. Pretty decent and yet another table of underlying stats that leads to a convincing story that Arsenal are going to be a thing this season.

TalkSport hitting weird new lows today insisting that it’s ok to slam Arsenal for… starting a 15-year-old.

Honestly man, how slim are storyline pickings when these contributions?

Slim enough for me to dive in with my two pennies…

There are some interesting layers to the decision.

  1. If he was shite, he wouldn’t have landed a start. Mikel Arteta is many things, but certainly not a regulator of low standards.
  2. Our clubs strategy at the moment is geared around creating a best-in-class academy. If you were a top 14-year-old, would you move to Chelsea? No. Manchester City? No. Liverpool? No. Well, not if you had eyes on starting games for the first team. However, if you got the call from Arsenal? Maybe. This was a recruitment play as much as anything. Just check out the video of the U9s watching the debut if you need to see the second-order effect of Ethan getting some minutes.
  3. Arteta is definitely a petty bitch. No doubt in my mind part of the decision was a little bit of a Jose Mourinho Trademarked smackdown for the way Brentford last season.
  4. Continuing the theme of pettiness and Jose Mourinho, this felt like a low-risk way of telling the board we’re slim on squad numbers, so have that chequebook ready for Jan 1st.

Ivan Toney, fresh off the back of getting served up some revenge, reckons the one Tweet from Gabriel is a bit cringe.

Maaaaaaaate, you were dining off that Tweet last season, so suck it up when it’s served back up at you like cold plate of sick.

Flo B has spoken about what Arteta asked of him when he moved away.

“Before I moved, Mikel (Arteta) just wanted me to develop as a man,” he said.

“It was kind of like an open answer and it was for me to interpret what he meant by ‘develop as a man’.

“By moving abroad, I’m starting to learn what he meant by that. It doesn’t just mean on the pitch but also off the pitch. I think by the time I go back I’ll be in a better place to compete than I was before I left.”

“I think it’s very important to just throw yourself in at the deep end, as I’m trying to do, and hopefully I don’t drown.

“Pretty much every training session there’s something I’m confused about so I’ve got to ask a lot of questions, I’ve got to pick up on key words and that’s how I’m learning the language at the moment.

Arteta moved to France and Scotland before slumming it in Merseyside. Moving to another country is hard, you grow up fast, you have to be your best self if you want to build a network, and you go to some dark places. Factor in learning an entire new language, and, well, it’s a life-changing thing.

It takes bravery, hopefully that pays off for him, it seems to have already on the football front. 8 games, 5 goals, 2 assists… pretty special. He needs to really smash up that league and kick on next season so we can see him in the mixer for the 3rd position striker we don’t have covered right now.

Fingers crossed he can do the biz.

It’s also interesting watching charlie Patino drop some big performances over at Blackpool, he’ll be vying for the Xhaka position over the next couple of years in the same way BNC is coming for the Cedric position in the squad.

The kids are very exciting.

Right, short one today, get in the comments, but first… get into the podcast.

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