Filipino whey brands for your protein fix

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Little Ms. Muffet gets it. She knows what she will reap as she sits on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts take whey too, often incorporating it into their daily diets and even using it as an ingredient for other dishes like pancakes, baked oats, and the classic Pinoy treat polvoron.

But what exactly is whey?

A complete protein, whey protein (or simply whey) – pronounced “way” – is a type of protein extracted from milk. Though it’s usually a dairy by-product, it can be plant-derived. Whey’s rich amino acid profile makes it a good choice in helping the muscles recover and grow. Additionally, a specific amino acid, cysteine, which is found on most whey supplements, serves as a catalyst for the production of glutathione. And we’re all aware of how special glutathione is.

While it’s definitely not some miracle supplement to burn stored fat, whey contributes to weight loss by helping you stay full for longer periods of time, lessening the urge to snack or gorge meals down. High protein diets are also linked to increased energy expenditure, requiring more energy for the metabolism than other macronutrients.

Which whey do we go? If all of these nutritional benefits sound appealing to you – or if you simply appreciate whey puns – here are some proudly Pinoy brands to check out in whey-ing your options:

Wheyl Nutrition Co.

Melon Milk, Brown Boba, and Mighty Matcha – these are just some of the whey flavors available from Wheyl Nutrition Co. My personal picks are Melon Milk and Naked White from their JUST whey protein line and Strawnana Pop, Piña Colada, and Vanilla Seasalt (which I mix with my morning coffee!) from their JUST isolate line. Each order comes with a pack of stickers of their cute mascot William the Whale – perfect to decorate that BlenderBottle with, which they also have… by the wheyl!

If you prefer a non-dairy alternative, Wheyl Nutrition Co. recently started to offer a vegan alternative with the green peas-made POD Pea Protein.

Athlene Nutrition

Athlene Nutrition offers exciting whey flavors, like Caramel Macchiato (another coffee mixer for me) and Buko Pandan. You can try these two and get a shaker bottle when you buy their sulit starter pack!

On a side note, my favorite product from the store is BCAA. I have already tried three flavors (Green Apple, Mango, Peach) as intra-workout picker-uppers, and Green Apple would be my top pick. It has a similar taste to a beloved childhood drink, Mirinda Green Apple, making my workouts even more enjoyable.

Jedders Greendahan

Jedders Greendahan is my go-to store for keto and low-carb products, and I recently found out that they also sell their own whey! Available in concentrate and isolate forms, Greendahan’s whey consists only of two ingredients – whey protein isolate and soy lecithin – making them one of the purest in terms of components.

Both options are unflavored, which is perfect if you’re looking to mix and match with other flavors, or use for your protein-packed baked goods.

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Greenola is heaven for people like me who involuntarily reach out for snacks, more frequently than I should. You can choose not only from their menu of plant-based snacks such as roasted nuts and trail mixes, but also from vegan protein powder options sourced from peas and, surprisingly, brown rice. Extra rice, anyone?

The Superfood Grocer

If you’re wondering why this brand sounds familiar, it’s possible that you may have seen their products in the “healthy” section or the frozen section of your preferred grocery. The Superfood Grocer is a popular brand of plant-based alternatives that range from snacks to frozen meals to even ice cream. My frequent grabs are their chia seeds, cacao nibs, and Coffee Cashew Crumble from their dairy-free Super Scoops ice cream line. (I take my snacking seriously, as you can see.)

It’s no surprise that they also have plant-based protein powders. The Superforce Plant Protein is a mixture of pea and brown rice protein powder and comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. It’s available in 0.5 and 1.5 lb, respectively; choose the latter if you’re scared of commitment and want to switch flavors every now and then.

Although taking whey supplements may be a convenient way to add protein to your meals, it’s still better to consume whole foods to get the nutrients you need. And to be safe, consult your diet plan with your doctor before taking any supplements. Once all is cleared, shop a-whey and get your gains on! –

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