Well good morning my darlings, it’s a special day today, I’m in LA for the Super Bowl. The stadium is looking spectacular, the weather is going to be 30 degrees, and I’m about to show these American folk some peak oval ball knowledge at a ‘tailgate.’ Cinci fans are quite the scene, a little bit Stoke or West Ham-ish, they were in our hotel last night, 90% of them are itching to say, ‘are you looking at me City slicker?’ and the answer is no. Please do not beat me over the egregious slight of just existing.

This stadium is the most technologically advanced in the world, so I’m looking forward to seeing it up close. $5.5b is a lot of elite-level strikers, so it better be good. 3.1m acres of land, it’s absolutely mad the scale of it. The whole thing is built on fiber optics, everything is high speed, it’s just wild. I’m genuinely thrilled to be seeing it under the brightest lights in American sport.

Less about NFL, how about Spurs?

A week ago Conte said their bowl was a fortress.

Last week they lost at home to Southampton.

Currently, they are 0-2 at halftime to Wolves.

Conte made a 28th-minute sub.

That’s the 3rd game they’ve lost on the bounce.

I mean… it’s delicious, isn’t it?

The season is long, all clubs will lose games, but let me tell you one thing right now… I will never not enjoy watching the Antonio ‘elite level’ Conte struggling to organise a defense 3 months into a job.

What I love more about the hire is the embarrassing carry-on from certain sections of the Arsenal fan base over Christmas around how much we lacked ambition because we didn’t sack Arteta to bring in the sulkiest manager in world football.

The race for top 4 still very much involves Spurs, United and West Ham… this result just shows you how tough the league is.

We’ll have our moments, no doubt, don’t fool yourself into believing the fight will not involve more games like Burnley or Everton. That’s just how things will roll. The key is to realise that no one in the chasing pack has a 15 game unbeaten run in them. Not one of them.

… but the stumbles of other clubs help us. The most worrying thing about anyone who has watched Conte this season is that his team were winning all the tossups. They were owning the fine margins. Conte was the lucky general and that can be the difference in a tight league. Well, that’s all fallen to pieces now. They’ll get back to results, no doubt, but Conte is doing the same thing Nuno and Mourinho did… lob it to Kane and Son and hope.

Shocking stuff for £15m a year.

It’s two days on from the ridiculous reffing decision against Wolves the other night.

Arsenal really have to do something about the issue. We’re not even living in an area of ​​gray. We are 100% being cheated by the PGMOL and more needs to be made of it.

Just think back to some of the way games have gone for Arsenal this season.

Cal Chambers getting clobered in the build up to the Brentford goal. Nothing.

Bernd Leno getting both arms pinned for the next Brentford goal. Nothing.

Tomiyasu having his face stamped on by Ben Godrey, but no red card, because they couldn’t prove intent. If he’s sent off, we’re not losing that game.

James McArthur booted Saka over in our home game against Palace. It was GBH by legal standard, no red card. If it is a red card just before halftime, we’re probably exiting with more than a point.

What about the time Emi Martinez pulled Lacazette down in the penalty area and nothing was given?

Michael Oliver was officiating this decision.

No double yellow in the same passage of play in this game, but there was for Martinelli. An act I’ve never seen happen in football.

Remember the Manchester City game when Rodri scored? Then took his shirt off (yellow), then ran into the crowd (second yellow). Do you remember the red card he got? No. Me neither.

So many shocking decisions go against Arsenal.

What is the problem here?

I suspect it’s a mix of general disdain for Arsenal, having a manager that is the youngest in the league and having a squad that hasn’t yet grown its fangs.

Just look back to some of the games yesterday, Bruno Fernandes swung an actual punch at a Southampton player and didn’t get sent off. United crowded out the ref, will they be charged for losing control of their players like Arsenal men and women have been?

Arsenal needs some answers because these incidents start to look like a conspiracy, there are just far too many of them no to be.

… and Michael Oliver needs to be taken off our games for the foreseeable future. He’s not fit to ref us properly. He literally pulled a ‘never been done before’ because he desperately wanted to send an Arsenal player off. He should be removed from the league for his actions and held accountable.

Right, short one today, I’m off to cheer the LA Rams and rap every single word to Dr. Dre and Eminem.

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