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So the Chelsea story has talent a turn for the interesting.

Turns out Big Rom can’t just hand the club to the Trustees.

According to the big papers, he’s now looking for a quick sale.

Swiss Billionaires are saying they baulked at the price tag, probably because Roman wants the £1.5b loan back on top of the club. If Arsenal were attracting offers of £2.2b, you’d have to imagine Chelsea would look for £4b. I’d imagine the club might be a little more attractive because the council gave planning permission to expand the stadium, which might come with the option to build much-needed luxury condos.

Outside the fact that a sanctioned Oligarch shouldn’t be allowed to flog his wares for a quick cash exit, the fact that he’s trying to move at speed, and that there’s talk of ‘consortiums’ generally leaves me feeling pretty sexy. Roman, for all the grimness around his money, was a very stable figure with a very clear mandate.

‘win, no matter the cost, no matter the blood spilt’

Would a consortium be better than him? That sounds like a committee. It also sounds, well, to be blunt… a bit of a poverty option.

If you don’t have the cash upfront in the Premier League, what is the point?

Either way, I LOVE that Thomas Tuchel is angry that he is being asked about the war. Now, on the one hand, he’s just a football coach, what answer are you expecting? On the other hand (left on this time), he’s working for someone that is the wallet for a very evil man. When evil men do evil things and your chunky sports washing cheque has his name on it, expect to be asked questions about it.

The selfish angle… you’d have to imagine this added stress is causing dressing room problems.

Certain sections of the Arsenal fanbase always start critiques of Arteta with ‘he’s made mistakes,’ under the impression that there was, somewhere in the world, a hire we could have made that wasn’t going to make mistakes.

Thomas Tuchel, longtime LG favorite, a rockstar manager in every sense of the world, subbed off the 3rd best keeper in the Premier League, for the 27th best keeper in the league, to help in penalty shootout.

Kepa didn’t save a single penalty. He was so bad that for the VVD penalty, he stood over to his right, and VVD hit it past him in the right side and scored. Kepa also missed the final penalty.

Old news, but that’s a rockstar manager, dropping a huge unforced error in a cup final.

All managers make mistakes.

At Chelsea, those mistakes cost you faster. Thomas Tuchel has cratered his £100m signing, he hasn’t moved the needle in the league, and he’s lost a Cup Final.

Is it Champions League or bust?

I mean… is it outrageous to suggest 3rd is in play for the pack chasing 4th?

Quite astounding how football can turn so sharply. Who would have thought at the start of the season we wouldn’t be the club carrying the biggest mess?

Matteo G has exited the building. Was the fee great? No. Was it the right move? Undoubtedly, yes. People will point to his improved performances in France and the kind words from his manager. But that doesn’t matter. The point of his exit was never talent, it was who he was as a person. I’m not sure there’s really a counterargument to his exit now. Some will cite his PR on exit as cratering his fee, but I have to tell, in football, there are no secrets. Every club interested in his services will have tapped up people who know him. Clubs find out how many girlfriends they have, what their hobbies are, how good the relationship with their mum is, whether they eat hot sauce… it really, really isn’t hard to find out whether they are a total shit in training. Clubs leak like a sieve. If there’s a shit bag at a club, be totally assured, that information isn’t being held back because Arsenal did a nice video of the player stroking a baby lamb on a North London council estate.

He was soiled goods, hence the only club willing to take a risk on him was Marseille. You also can’t point to man-managements, look where we are, with the youngest squad in the league. It’s sometimes easy to point at players that aren’t here and make a stinging point, versus looking at the project we actually have and say, well, the club was probably right.

Who do we care about? Odegaard, Saka, ESR, Ramsdale, White, Gabriel, Lokonga, and Martinelli. Are they happy? Yes.

If you want to create a great culture, you need to have everyone pulling in the same direction. Especially at the beginning. Maybe a more mature culture further down the line could have absorbed his behaviour, but in its infancy, with so many bad days to deal with, you can’t have the noise that Matteo brought to the system. Distractions kill focus. A lack of focus kills authority. A lack of authority kills managers and projects.

Tomiyasu has done his other calf, so he won’t be back for the Watford game, but he should make it for the Leicester match. The trouble you have there is he’ll be very out of sorts by then and Leicester can be tough on their day. ESR is back in the mixer after a bout of sickness. I’m really interested to see how Arteta lines up against Watford. There’s a tough run of games coming up, Watford presents the chance to bring players in from the cold, the question is will he do it? It takes a seasoned manager to do that, I’m not sure Arteta is quite there on rotation. The big worry is an injury, Big Shad has done an excellent job preserving bodies this season, but at any moment, we might need to call on Eddie, Pepe, or Bob Holding… are they feeling included enough? Let’s hope so.

Right, short one today, see you in the comments, but not until you listen or watch the damn podcast.

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