Chelsea fans sung Roman Abramovich songs over a silence for Ukraine at the weekend and today, the karmic forces of the footballing gods kicked into gear in the form of the British Government.

Sanctions have landed and they are BRUTAL.

  • Chelsea can be sold but only if the proceeds don’t find their way back to Russia.
  • Their club Merch shop is closed, they aren’t allowed to sell anything
  • They can only spend £30k on away days, that’s £10k short of the average
  • They can’t buy or sell players

The club is desperately trying to hawk the club to billionaires all over the world right now.

All the options are going to be bad because there’s no leverage.

Tim Payton put the terms in clear focus.

‘These sanctions are never going to be reversed. Did you see the charge sheet?? A test now of how much he really loved Chelsea or just himself. Hmmm. Also a test for Govt about sort of ownership it wants. Should really sell to plurality of fans. That is custodian & sustainable’

Chelsea will be sold, at speed, and that is always a recipe for disaster.

Bigger picture, this really does put the practices of the Premier League into sharp focus. The fact that Abramovich isn’t even the worst of the ownership class really is striking. The UK has been happy to let thugs launder money and reputation through one of our most precious exports. It’s nice to think that this moment will be a reckoning, but let’s be real, it probably isn’t.

Onto the football side if things, this really is a disaster for Chelsea. Christensen, Azpi, and Rudiger all have deals expiring in the summer. Why would any of them sign on?

The entire Chelsea exec team has been built under a certain culture, used to certain terms of business. What happens to them?

How many of the potential buyers that they are talking to will have Roman Abramovich ‘fuck it’ money? There is a big difference between cash rich and asset rich. Roman had cash to burn. There aren’t many billionaires that are sitting on mineral wealth cash flows like him. Even if they are, a lot of them will have an aversion to throwing billions at sports trophies.

Unless they found another equally scuzzy character to buy.

One would assume they are not going to sell to someone of ill-repute. That basically leaves European billionaires or American franchise owners. If those moves happen, the ‘just spend, spend, spend’ years of Chelsea will come to a close.

… because let’s be frank here. The expensively disseminated PR campaigns of ‘Chelsea is actually very well run’ is a total fraud.

They have:

  • A £70m keeper sitting on the bench
  • A £100m striker sitting on the bench
  • A £110m bill for sacking managers

I don’t see how you can call a club that buys its way out of every mistake well run.

Is the management team in place right now built to optimize to a new a reality? I doubt it. Will they want to stay around to find out? I doubt it again.

I also suspect that most people keen to drop £2b on a club will want to bring their own ideas to the table.

It’ll also be interesting to see what sort of a club is inherited by new ownership. Can it really just be business as usual? Can you cleanse Chelsea of ​​the ties to a monster purposefully dropping bombs on a maternity ward?

3 are looking into canceling their sponsorship deal. Will that be a trend. Does anyone want to associate with a tarnished brand?

I’m also interested to see what happens this summer. Will it be easier to sign Broja from them? Do the players that are signed there want to continue their service at Chelsea? Will Thomas Tuchel freak out and join Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United this summer?

Finally, you have to realize that billionaire owners spend fortunes on boutique reputation laundering PR firms in London.

‘Roman is just a man of the people, he ate a pork pie once, there are rumors he cried when John Terry left’

It’s all bullshit.

However, that money has now dried up. Just watch the press savage him. Watch them cleanse their conscious now they are free of the controls put in place during his rein. I’ve already seen ‘CHE

However you cut it, Chelsea just moved into the turmoil zone and I couldn’t be happier.

Right, short one today. See you in the comments.

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