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Super League is back on baby. A lot of folk have come at me over the past 6 months because I thought it was happening last time. It died. But it was never going to stay dead for long. This competition is the Rasputin of ideas.

Big clubs want to protect their revenues without having to invest £200m every single year. They’ll get to a Super League somehow. It might not look like one on the face of it, but it will protect revenue.

We already have some of this bullshit in the system at the moment. If you finish 3rd in the group stages of the Champions League, you drop into the Europa League. Why? That should make ZERO sense. But it gives those poor rich clubs another chance to make up some cash.

This latest run at it comes from Juventus and Madrid. None of the big 6 English clubs are interested. Which makes it a no-go, because England is the biggest draw in the world for football. What it will do is UEFA to make some changes to the Champions League to make it easier to get in for rich encourage clubs. It’s all so grim but I guess that’s the nature of capitalism.

Quite amusing that now English clubs are dominating the Champions League, the elites of Europe feel they have to change the shape of the competition because they fucked things up in their own leagues.

Right, what do we have on the Arsenal front?

Not much.


That awful Sky Sports News talking head that said Tomiyasu couldn’t get a buyer in the Premier League has Russian egg on his face after telling the world Roman wouldn’t sell.


What I do find very odd is that the rest of the world is busy dropping sanctions on the Oligarchs and the British Government seems to be fine just letting Roman sell Chelsea and his £150m house quite publicly with no rebuke.

Sanction the sale of Chelsea. Don’t let him take his blood money with him. The UK should follow the example set by the rest of the world. Take away the nice things of the corrupt monsters and make them feel pain for what they are sparking in Ukraine.

Isn’t it wild what we’ve let happen to the Premier League? I’m just as guilty as the next fan. I’d overlooked literally anything if someone was spending money on a decent striker. It’s an appalling way to look at life and we should be ashamed of what the Premier League has become from an ownership perspective. Human rights abusers are everywhere, owners that are persons of interest for corrupt practices are applauded, two sets of clubs have owners with sanctions, one owner chopped up a journo with a bone saw.

Do fans care? No. If they are dropping great transfer windows, we just gloss it over.

What can be done? Not much. I’m not sure we have the right government to do something bold. Our moral compass is in the gutter and the reputation of the league will always be soiled because of that.

Are we allowed any joy? Can we step outside the sound of the shame bells for just a minute?

Of course.

You, guilty one, can look forward to the exit of Abramovich. I don’t care what people say, that will be painful. They’ve had 19 years of ruthless leadership that has had a very clear mandate.


Roman is now trying to shift the club in a fire-sale. Tell me how often that works out for the better? How can any club say they did their due diligence in a rush sale? The only thing that matters to Abramovich is getting the biggest pile of cash possible. He will not give one shit about Chelsea FC or their fans because all he cares about is himself.

New leadership will come in eventually – do you think they’ll just let the club run as per? No way. They’ll want some input. They’ll have spent £2b+. New ownership comes with new values, it comes with change, a new culture, people don’t like change. Old leadership goes because things don’t feel the same. When the vibes change, the culture shifts, and the club will change.

There is just no way an American/European business culture will meld with a Russian one. I’ve worked in two mergers. A Japanese merger and an American one. It was totally shit. You have your tribal ways, well-intended new folk with more power than you come in and prod, you hate your life. I don’t see how it’ll be any different here.

Also, what are the chances they’ll find an open checkbook owner? There aren’t many owners like that left in the world. Chelsea might seem well run, but take off your THEY WIN THINGS spectacles for a second, would you say a business that changes its key employee every 18 months is doing things right? They have spent £110m on exit packages in the last 19 years. Would you say success is a £70m keeper sat on the bench? Is success having a £90m striker that dreams of Inter Milan whilst taking just 7 touches in a game against… Palace? I’m not so sure how well run they’ll look when that rouble faucet is turned off.

Making things work with unlimited funds is not the greatest skill. There are obviously clubs that can’t make things work with unlimited funds, but that is besides the point if you are about to be taken over by less rich owners.

It’s also worth looking at how attractive the business is in general. See Matt Scott’s post below.

This is a very, very bad moment for Chelsea. They are the success they are because if things ever veer off-course, Roman can pay to course correct. Do you think that is happening with a consortium ownership split between the US and Switzerland? No fucking way. Americans do NOT like throwing money at problems, especially when they operate in the confines of a comfy franchise model.

Add to that: Chelsea just lost a cup final. Tuchel is totally rattled that he’s being called out as the face of sports washing. Their league form is NOT good.

I mean, 3rd has to be in play, no way this noise doesn’t rattle the squad.

Ok, not a lot of Arsenal today. More tomorrow. Have a great night.

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