Artist group DAKILA joins Rappler’s Lighthouse Communities of Action

As a community partner, DAKILA aims to broaden civic participation through the content they will be publishing on the Lighthouse platform

MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm, features partners who are part of the Lighthouse platform. As a Lighthouse partner, DAKILA’s Content and calls to action may be accessed by a wider audience who benefit from Rappler’s wider reach. Check DAKILA’s Lighthouse page here.

Artist group DAKILA is one of Rappler’s valued partners whose content and calls to action will now be featured on Lighthouse communities of action.

DAKILA, a movement for modern-day heroism, takes pride in its DIGIBAK (Digital Activism) program that aims to effectively integrate technology with advocacy work and to engage strategically in the digital space.

What can communities expect from them on Lighthouse? DAKILA said they will be posting more creative and quick explainers on various topics, details and schedules of human films, interviews with movement-building personas, action kits on how to contribute to nation-building, content featuring The Kingmaker, Aswangvoter education, and other important advisories.

In 2018, they launched a Heroes Hub Youth Fellowship Program that provides an opportunity for youth leaders through a series of intensive training and mentoring sessions. Heroes Hub is a platform for youth of diverse backgrounds to learn from one another and to lead projects that make meaningful impact on their communities, the country, and society.

Through its advocacies involving artists and the youth, DAKILA has long strengthened its ties with MovePH, Rappler’s civic engagement arm.

Rappler has been very vocal about its stance for truth so it was just easy for us to work with them,” Floyd Scott Tiogangco, DAKILA’s PR manager said.

In 2019, DAKILA co-hosted a MovePH huddle to discuss the state of the nation for the youth and the sectoral groups ahead of President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address.

DAKILA also initiated the annual Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival (AVIHRFF), an event that celebrates rights, freedoms, and dignity held during the Martial Law anniversary commemoration week. Alongside this, they also celebrate their wins and collectively engage people beyond echo chambers through Human Rights Day concerts.

When Rappler CEO Maria Ressa received a call announcing her Nobel Peace Prize Award for 2021, she was on that forum on press freedom hosted by DAKILA.

It was remarkable and our pleasure that Maria Ressa received her call during one of our forums on Press Freedom last year during the AVIHRFF,Tiogangco said.

This year, DAKILA also launched the Dokyu Power Film Festival co-organized with FilDocs and supported by Rappler and Cinema Centenario’s MOOV. Dokyu Power’s six-week celebration of people power, with a solid lineup of documents and virtual kuwentuhan sessions for entertainment and education.

As one of the pioneering partners on Lighthouse, DAKILA enumerates three things it hopes to achieve through Lighthouse: to broaden civic engagement participation from different communities and organizations, amplify the collective message aimed at reaching new audiences and beyond, and engage an active citizenry and provide them with the opportunity for greater good.

“DAKILA is excited to join the Lighthouse project because we believe that in these crucial times we shall as advocates explore new ways of advocating our issues. Lighthouse is a platform where we can connect with new audiences and broaden our mission of instilling human rights-based values. We look forward to more collaborations that are just as meaningful as the work that we do and to push the boundaries of the Lighthouse platform in order for us to reach our goals albeit one step at a time,” Tiogangco said.

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