The pre-game story was focused on Mikel Arteta kicking off at the CORRUPT METHODS OF FIXTURE ASSIGNMENT that goes on in the Premier League.

Some are saying that we should stfu because we don’t have Europe, but for me, it’s more about the fact that:

  1. The Premier League said they wouldn’t make Wednesday teams play early games on Saturday
  2. The Premier League doesn’t do this to any other club apart from Arsenal
  3. The Premier League has done it twice to Arsenal and they’ll like do it for the Spurs game

Arsenal has been unfairly treated all season. Bad VAR decisions, no COVID cancellations at the start of the season, some referees actually inventing ‘never been seen before’ rules for red cards. These fixture issues feel like just another attack on a club that seems to have less respect than other big teams.

We have an early kick-off tomorrow against an Aston Villa side that has had a week to prepare for Arsenal. Late Sunday kick-off, a top 2 team in the world on Wednesday, now an early kick-off on Saturday.

That is not good for fatigue and the bigger worry is that tired legs lead to soft tissue injuries.

I would much rather Arsenal’s special treatment be for things that work in our favour, but they never are.

Also, shout out to Conte:

‘If someone wants to speak about fair or unfair. We postponed the game, Tottenham-Arsenal, if you remember. I don’t. I don’t forget this, and I think that it’s not right to speak about fair or unfair’

Can you believe the luckiest manager in the league has the temerity to complain about luck? He had a preseason in December because they canceled games, they forfeited Europe, and they regularly score a goal every other shot. He should most certain stfu.

On the good news front, Benny Blanco, Aaron Ramsdale, Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe have all been given call-ups. Let’s be honest here, all of them deserve to start. Ben White is the best English center-back, Aaron Ramsdale is the best keeper, and it goes without saying Saka is the first name on the team sheet… and there aren’t many people that have scored like The Smith this season.

I’m not sure there can be much doubt that the coaching at Arsenal is world-class these days. My only worry is that this sort of success adds games to the mixer I’d rather those players not be dealing with right now. Anyway, congrats to the boys, it is MASSIVE to have so many of our own in an England setup that gets to major finals.

The Villa game is going to be a good one, they’ll come at us, they’ll lean in on Coutinho, and they will make us suffer for stretches.

There’s the Emi Buendia story that runs as an undercurrent to the afternoon. Arsenal went hard for him, Emi Martinez leaned in… the rest is Martin Odegaard history. I know which player I’m happier with right now. I wonder how Emi B feels about the advice his friend gave him?

There’s always the chance that there might be a bad reaction to a painful loss in the week. But these kids have shown over and over again that they are made of sterner stuff. We’ll create chances tomorrow, big players will have a point to prove, the run for top 4 should be like blood in the water for a shark.

Big teams get over big shocks fast. It’s a lot to ask of young players, but the brutality of the Premier League means there’s literally no choice.

Spurs face West Ham. They have an extra day of recovery on the hammer who won in Europe. If we set the tone in the morning, that puts huge pressure on Spurs. If they lose that, it’s going to be very difficult for them. West Ham are good, but their form has been scrappy at best, they need this win. Their fans hate Spurs, they’ll want to keep in the mixer, so let’s see what Moyesy has up his sleeve.


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